1. Facilities you can reserve Cute. Commons(Group Study Room / Workshop Space) / Seminar Room / Individual Study Room
2. How to Reserve Use for Study / Use for Classes / Use for Events
3. Other Facilities Lounge / Refresh Space / Audio Vidual Seats / Self-Check Machine
4. About Computer and Network Wifi / Copy&Printing / iPad・Chromebook

1. Facilities you can reserve

The processes of Reservation depend on the purpose for use. For more information, see here.

Purpose for Use
Cute. Commons
Group Study Room
Study / Class / Event
Workshop Space
         / Class / Event
Seminar Room
Study / Class /         
Individual Study Room
Study /                   

■Cute. Commons (Active Learning Space)

Active Learning Space is 1,000㎡ with various items which make flexible learning styles possible.


■Group Study Room (in Cute. Commons)

【Service hours】By 10 minutes before closing
【Capacity】4 rooms (A~D): 8 people a room
【Equipment】whiteboard, 50 inch display
 ・Please fill in the application web form 
      (up to 1 month in advance).
   ・Up to 3 hours a day.
 ・Connecting two rooms(A+B, C+D) is possible.

■Workshop Space (in Cute. Commons)

【Service hours】By 30 minutes before closing
【Capacity】48 seats (additional seats are available)
【Equipments】screen, microphone, loudspeaker, white board wall, liquid-crystal projector
【Rules】The rules for reservation and use of Workshop Space of Kyushu University Central Library (Japanese Version)

For information about use for classes or events, please see here.

■Seminar Room

Seminar Room is intended for classes in which materials in Central Library and Manuscript Library are used for education. Also, this room can be used for research by groups.
【Capacity】2 rooms: 10 people on each room
Room 1 50 inch display, whiteboard
Room 2 50 inch display, whiteboard, projector, Blu-ray disc player
 ・Please fill in the application web form(up to a week in advance).
 ・For information about use for classes, please see here.

■Individual Study Room

As in the picture right, users can bring book tracks into the room. When using book tracks please call the staff at the counter.

【Service hours】By 10 minutes before closing
【Capacity】3F:8 rooms, 1F:3 rooms
 ・Up to 4 hours a day
 ・Please fill in the application web form.
 (3F:1 month in advance, 1F: only at the day)

2.How to Reserve

The way to reserve depends on the purpose for use, including Use for Study, Class, and Events. 

Circulation Section, User Service Division
TEL:092-802-2480 FAX:092-802-2479

■Use for Study

Kyushu University members can make a reservation for the purpose of studying on the website. The members can check the reservation status there.

Facility Capacity Reservation Start Service Hours
Group Study Room 8 1 month in advance 3 hours a day
By 10 minutes before closing
Seminar Room 10 1 week in advance By 10 minutes before closing
Individual Study Room 1 1F: only at the day
3F: 1 month in advance

By 10 minutes before closing

【Web】Library Web Site>My Page>Facilitiy Reservation

Use for Class

Kyushu University members can use the facilities below for the purpose of education and academic research which focus on the materials of the library.

【Application】Please fill in this application form(Japanese version) and submit it to the address above by 1 week in advance.

Facility Seat Capacity Service Hour
Workshop Space 48 (& additional seats) By 10 minutes before closing
Group Study Room 8 seats a room 3 hours a day
By 10 minutes before closing
Seminar Room 10 seats a room By 10 minutes before closing

■Use for Events

Kyushu University members can use Workshop Space and Group Study Room for events and staff training.

【Application】Please fill in this application form(Japanese version) and submit it with a planning sheet of the event to the address above at last 1 week in advance. If the host is a students' group approved by the official, please submit the 「学生団体公認申請書」. If the host is a private students' group, please submit「学生団体の概要」.

Host Condition Fee
Kyushu University Students' Group ・Hosted by Kyushu University students' group
・Non Profit ・Open to the public
・The host group is not intended to advertise or propagate certain thoughts or religions.
University or Faculties of Universtiy ・For Kyushu University students Free
Not for kyushu Universtiy students 

Fee-charged (Workshop Space only)

3. Other Facilities


Beside the entrance, the bakery 'Doumu Cafe' is open.

■Refresh Space

Refresh Space is located on 1F. It has a drink vending machine.
Users can eat and drink in this space. When using this space, please keep the area quiet and clean for the other users.

■Audio Vidual Seats

You can watch degital media, such as video tapes, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs.

There are equiqqed 6 seats altogether. When using, users need a headphone and a remote controller. If you need them, please call the staff at the 3F counter.

■Self-Check Machine

Self-Check Machine is equipped beside the copy & printer booth on 3F. This machine scans the bar code labels on books and makes the process of regular loan automatically.
*The application for some special loan (ex. long term loan) are accepted at the counter.
*The machine can scan the bar code label only on the bookcovers. If the bar code are labeled in between the pages, please come to the counter.

4.Wireless LAN Network and Printing


You can connect to a network with your own PC or smartphone via Kyushu University mobile network system (*Kyushu University members only).
*For more information, please see here (Information Technology Infrastructure Division).

■Self Copy and Print Machine

Cloud On-Demand Print

enabled machine: 3F CEN3(C), 4F Cute.Commons Printer

Once you upload the documents, you can print it out in the library copy machine.
For details: Cloud On-Demand Print Manual
*University network only

USB Printout

enabled machine: 3F CEN1(M), CEN2(M), CEN3(C), 4F Cute.Commons Printer

You can printout PDF files in your USB devices.

Wi-Fi Printout

enabled machine: 3F CEN1(M), CEN2(M)

Once you install the printer driver in your laptop, you can print out with a copy machine in the library via wireless LAN.

For details, please refer to the following manuals.
*Please note that manuals can be downloaded only via the Kyushu University network.
*You must access Kyushu University network (kitenet) during driver setting and printing out.

Website to Download a Printer Driver  DocuCentre-IV 5080
How to Print from Your Own PC  for MacOS / for Windows
How to Print from Your Tablets  iOS / Android *only in Japanese

You can print out PDF files in your USB memory.


iPad lending service is available.
To borrow it, please come to the counter and show your library card. You can use only inside the library. Please return it by closing time.