Only Active Learning Space and Lounge are available until October 2018. 


You can arrange tables and chairs freely for group study or discusson. You don't need to apply for using this area. Food and drink are permitted.

■Active Learning Space

Active Learning Space is 1,000㎡ with movable tables and chairs which thus allows for flexible learning styles.


■Group Study Room

【Service hours】 Weekdays 10:00-17:50
【Capacity】4 rooms: 8 people on each room (A~D)
 ・whiteboard wall
 ・50 inch display
 ・note PC
 ・Please fill in the application webform.
 ・Up to 3 hours for one day.
 ・Connecting two rooms(A+B,C+D) is possible.

■Workshop space

【Service hours】 Weekdays 10:00-17:50
【Capacity】 48 seats (increasing seats is possible)
 ・liquid-crystal projector
 ・white board wall

Purpose Application/Guide Conditions
Use for study ・Please fill in the application webform.
・Up to 3 hours for one day.
・Available in more than 15 cases, and when facilities such as display are necessary.
Use for event (organized by Kyushu Universty students) ・Please submit the application seat at least 7 days in advance. ・Only nonprofit events organized by students group of Kyushu Universty.
・Do not be a group for the purpose of the spread of specific thought and religion.
Use in class ・Please fill in the application form at least 7 days in advance. ・When facilities such as screen or the projector are necessary, please use this space.
・The continuous use as the classroom is NG.

■Space other than the above

【Service hours】 Weekdays 10:00-18:00
When a lounge is crowded, we leave it open.