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Databases for Legal StudiesDatabases for Economics

Databases for Legal Studies
Lexis (former: Lexis Advance).
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A fulltext database provided by Beck, a German publisher specializing the field of law.
Law, Books (handbooks and Gesetzeskommentar), more than 90 journals, court decisions, and administrative documents published by Beck are available.
e-Gov法令検索 In Japanese Only
A free database officially managed by the government. It consists of legal data such as laws and regulations, Cabinet Order, ministerial & prefectural ordinance, and statutes & regulations by ministeries and prefectural governments.
裁判例検索 In Japanese Only
A free database officially managed by Courts In Japan. You can search the following 6 kinds of court decisions in courts comprehensively :
 -Casebook of the Supreme Court
 -Casebook of the High Courts
 -Casebook of the Lower Courts
 -Casebook on Administrative Cases
 -Casebook on Labor Cases
 -Casebook on Intellectual Properties Disputes

Following Databases are Aveilable for Law Faculty and Students ONLY.

Westlaw Japan In Japanese.
This is a comprehensive online service that provides legal information and materials - laws and ordinances, precedents, court decisions, etc., books and journals, literature information, and news articles - from the past to the latest information, along with a variety of search and display functions.
The database contains more than 300,000 precedents (as of March 2021), from prewar precedents such as those of the Supreme Court to the latest precedents, and has been edited to include the full text of precedents, concise and accurate abstracts, sources, commentaries, reference articles, and other related information with high added value.
The following law journals are available.
・旬刊商事法務 Concurrent user: 50
Westlaw Next (former: Westlaw International)
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Juris  Access from on campus ONLY.
It consists of German laws and regulations, court decisions, and related literature including Staudinger, BGB.

D1-Law.com法律情報総合データベース In Japanese Concurrent user: 1
A databese for comprehensive legal research such as laws, court desicions and legal literature.
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HeinOnline Complete       Access from on campus ONLY.
A fulltext database for more than 1,200 journals in legal studies, provided by William S. Hein & Co., Inc.
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Databases for Economics
NEW FactSet Academic Package   Concurrent users: 500      Subscription Period: Until February 2023
Data on global corporate financials, earnings estimates, price-related (stock prices, corporate actions, indices, etc.), macroeconomic, shareholder information, supply chain, parent-child relationships, PE/VC, M&A deals, news, etc.
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The Portal Site of Official Statistics of Japan, delivers the one-stop service for official statistics of the Japanese government.
JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization)
Trade information and investment practices  by countries, and Japanese inquiry matters from overseas are freely available. (in Japanese)
Institute of Developing Economies (IDE)
IDE aims to make intellectual contributions to the world as a leading center of social-science research on developing regions. IDE reports and publication are freely available as PDF.
Bloomberg (free version)
Market data and news are available.
World DataBank (free)
"The World Development Indicators"(WDI), "Global Development Finance"(GDF) are available.

Following Databases are Aveilable for Faculty and Students of Economics ONLY.

日経NEEDS-FinancialQUEST 2.0 Recommended Browser: Microsoft Edge
Comprehensive database for economics provided by Nikkei.

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 ★FinancialQUEST(FQ)   Concurrent users: 10     Access from on campus ONLY.
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   <Stock> Maintenance had terminated for "face value (former)" (October 31, 2019)
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 ★International investing, Trading data, Databases of IMF & OECD, corporate finance        Access from on campus ONLY.
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日経テレコン  In Japanese   Concurrent users: 5
Aricles in major Nikkei papers, corporate informationin, and personnel information are available.
eol   Concurrent users: 3       Recommended Browser: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome
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Securities reports of both listed and non-listed companies.
Manuals (PDF)
NEWOSIRIS   Concurrent user:1      Subscription Period: from October 2022 to March 2023  (Available between October and March every year.)
A comprehensive database of financial reports of listed companies(public compamies, banks, and securities firms) in the world.
ONLY "Companies" is available.
NEWOrbis Intellectual Property   Concurrent user:1      Subscription Period: Until February 2023)
This is a database that combines global corporate information and worldwide patent information.
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Contents: As of May 2021
About 400 million listed and unlisted corporations worldwide
About 134 million patent applications from all over the world
This database ties these together and contains them in an internationally comparable form.
Number of patents joined Patent Information - Corporate Information / approx. 89.9 million - approx. 2.28 million
Number of patent value evaluations Approx. 66 million patents