Reuse of digitized images of rare materials

Digitized images of Kyushu University Library holdings available in Collections (except for some exceptions) are openly available after October 2018. That is, you can reuse them freely at no charge, including any modifications and commercial uses, without any advance application to the Library.

Images openly available

  • Digitized images indicateds as "Public Domain" (See examples below)

Mouko Shurai Ekotoba 蒙古襲来絵詞(模本)

Fuku-Haku Kozu 福岡城下町・博多・近隣古図

Terms of Use

  • Never damage profit, publicity and quality of Kyushu University, and never infringe human rights of other peoples.
  • Indicate the source of digitized images:
    e.g., "蒙古襲来絵詞(模本)" (Kyushu University Library Collections)
  • Indicate so if you modify digitized images:
    e.g., Modified from "蒙古襲来絵詞(模本)" (held by Kyushu University Library Collections)


Higher resolution or Other formats

If you need digitized images of higher resolution or in other file formats, please contact us (see our contact information below).

Materials NOT openly available

If you want to reuse other digitized images or materials that have not yet been digitized, you need a prior application following the instruction (Japanese page only).

Digitized images not openly available

Materials that have not yet been digitized

Request for your support

Kyushu University Library is collecting your donations in order to promote digital access to our rare collections.
Please contribute to our digitization project.

About Kyushu University Fund
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