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Report Writing Workshop for Beginners (Every April)

You will have opportunities to write reports in many classes, so it is important to learn basic report writing skills. This is a very popular workshop every year, taught by Library TA (Cuter), Advanced Teaching Assistants in Kyushu University.

Experimental Report Writing Workshop for Beginners (Every Spring & Fall)

First-year science students take a class called "Inroductory Science Experiments(自然科学総合実験). In this workshop, you can learn how to write an experimental report for the class. Library TAs (Cuter), who have written many experiment reports, will give you tips on how to write them.

Presentation Workshop for Beginners (Every June)

All first-year students take a class called "KIKAN Education Seminar" in which they are required to give a presentation. In this workshop, library staff will give tips on how to give a presentation, and Library TAs (Cuter) will actually give a model presentation.


You can view recordings of the above three workshops anytime via Kyushu University Moodle. (in Japanese)


Learning guides on reports and presentations

Learning Support

Library TAs (Cuter) answer your questions. The topics of consultation vary widely.
You can also use the webform on the library website.

Learning Support Desk in the library

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Books on Reports and Presentations

Books on reports and presentations are lined up at the entrance of the SciTech Library.

Other libraries also have books related to reports and presentations. Please search for "Kyushu University Collection" for more information.

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