Subscribing Journals with Your Budgets

Due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, there is a possibility of a delivery delay of printed journals.
If you would like to purchase journals or inquire about their arrival status, please contact us by email.

Domestic Journals

Faculty can apply for a new subscription / canceling subscription through the department staff.
If the person in charge is not present, please consult with the following office in your campus.

International Journals

Because the university subscribed journals are ordered in the package, the library does a university-wide subscription investigation once a year (around July) and accepts subscription / canceling subscription applications for the next year (January-December).
We order to the publishers through the agencies around October. You cannot unsubscribe after an order or during the contract period.
And irrespective of the place of utilization, the institutional pricing is applied.

About Budget

The subscription is paid for a year or a multi-year period, so you should designate the budget which is annually allocated as a continued research expense.
Please note that sometimes we cannot accept the budgets such as external funds.

Subscription List (domestic, international) / New Request (domestic) / Cancel (domestic)

You can check your subscribed journals online. Moreover, as for domestic journals, you can apply for a subscription / canceling subscription online.

◆User Qualification

  • You have subscribed to a journal through the library.
  • You have a User ID and Password.

◆User ID and Password

  • Department office

→ Go to User Authentication  Login using "User ID for the subscription" issued by the library (omitting 0 at the beginning).

If you lose your User ID or want a new User ID, please consult with the following office on your campus.

  • Faculty (personal)

Log in using "Single Sign-On Kyushu university ID (SSO-KID)".
If it is your first time, the subscription setting must be configured. Pease fill out the application form, and send it to the following office in your campus.

→ Go to User Authentication



【Contacting Office】

Ito Campus Central Library
Serials Management Section
Phone: 90-2488
Hospital Campus Medical Library
Acquisitions & Cataloging Section
Phone: 91-6036
Ohashi Campus Design Library
Cataloging Section
Phone: 95-4426
Chikushi Campus Chikushi Library
Library Service Section
Phone: 93-7020
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