Information for new students


Welcome to Kyushu University!!
Have you tried contents and services in the libraries?
They are tremendous both online and offline.
Start preparing now in the libraries so that your dreams will come true before graduation.

1. Basic Information

Opening Hour (Library website top page) >>
-Every library has a different opening hour, and it changes depending on the season. Check it before you go to the libraries.

Borrowing and Renewing(Libraries > Services > Students and faculty) >>
​ It is different in each library how many books and journals you can borrow and how long you can borrow them. You can renew the borrowing periods by your own. Check the website above on how to do it.

 X (formerly Twitter)  Instagram

Follow our social media accounts to get various information such as events, workshops, temporary library close, etc...


2. Library Introduction Videos 

2.1 Introduction to the library

Did you check the videos? If not, watch them now from Here!


 These are the videos where Library TA Ms. Tanaka guides a first-year student, Mr. Sato. There are three videos in total, and each viewing time is about 5 minutes.
 Videos have subtitles so that you could watch them with no sound. They are provided on moodle.
 Click here to know how to use M2B system.

2.2 Library introduction short movie

This movie allows you to understand all 5 libraries just for 3 minutes. Click the picture below.

3. Workshops for New Students

3.1 Synchronous workshop

1. How to Search for Academic Papers(held in Fri, Apr 12 and Mon, May 13)

Librarians show you how to find books and journals in the library with databases that Kyushu University provides. This workshop also tells you how to make your research effective and efficient using some techniques on databases.

Apply here

2. Reference Management by Mendeley(held in May)

Mendeley is a powerful tool to organize academic articles and make reference lists automatically. By using Mendeley, you can improve your research/study efficiency.

3.2 Asynchronous workshop

For students, we created the workshop videos "How to search for academic papers" on the Moodle's page "九州大学附属図書館 Kyushu University Library".
Through this online lecture, you can learn how to access books and articles you look for.

4. Ask Library Teaching Assistant (Cuter)

Library Teaching Assistant called Cuter is the graduate students who advise on a lecture, future path, etc...
In the learning support desk in Central and SciTech library, you can talk with cuter and get some advice in the afternoon on weekdays. Some cuter is able to speak in English and Chinese.

Sending questions on the web is also accepted. See here for details.


5. Useful Resources for Study at Home

5.1 E-books

 Kyushu University has a lot of e-books available. Some of them are accessible off-campus.
 Find e-books by filtering results into "eBook" on Collections.

 #Qlib電子ブック紹介 on twitter will lead you to the ebooks recommended by librarians. (Unfortunately, these are tweets in Japanese.)

■Access off campus■

Search books on the library website.
Click on the "View Full Text" link.
By logging in with your SSO-KID and password, you can access the full text.

■Website for recommended e-books■
JapanKnowledge Lib
You can cross-search the largest knowledge database in Japan that accumulates encyclopedias,dictionaries, news, and scientific site URL collections, etc.

Kinokuniya-Shoten has provided Japanese ebooks platform specialized in academic books.
You can search by titles, authors, and full text. And you can also download PDF files and print them out from each page.

eBook Collection (EBSCOhost)
EBSCOhost eBook Collection, formerly known as NetLibrary, provides access to more than 5,000 ebooks, the full-text of traditionally published books in electronic format. EBooks are fully searchable.

Maruzen eBook Library
Maruzen has provided Japanese ebooks platform specialized in academic books.
You can search by titles, authors, and full text. And you can also download PDF files and print them out from each page.

5.2 Read the online guides called Cute.Guides

 Cuter also creates the Cute.Guides on their majors and interests. 222 guides are available as of January 31st, 2024. Top page is Here.

 There are many interesting guides such as on stationery, study abroad, how to read academic articles. As most guides are written in Japanese, you could enjoy guides and improve your language skill.

   Recently, we created the portal guide in English for international students to learn various things on the library. See here.


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