Information for new students

Using libraries well is very important in university. This web page conveys useful information for new students in Kyushu university.

*Events and workshops could be cancelled or postponed depending on the situation of novel coronavirus COVID-19. We will let you know the latest information on our actions on the library webpage below.
Limitation of library use to avoid spreading 2019 Novel Coronavirus
*Check the website of Kyushu University and schools for the latest information on their academic calender.
Kyushu University NEWS: Start of Spring 2020 Term moved to April 15
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1. Using Libraries Well

Basic information

Opening hour (Library website top page)

Every library has a different opening hour and it changes depending on the season. Check it before you go to the libraries.

Borrowing and Renewing(Libraries > Services > Students and faculty)

It is different in each library how many books and journals you can borrow and how long you can borrow them. Renewing the borrowing periods by your own. Check the website above how to do it.

Twitter  Instagram Facebook

Follow our SNS accounts to get various information such as events, workshops, temporary library close, etc... For the information to new students, check the hashtag "九大新入生".

Library Walking Guide.

Let's walk around in the library with this guide that is placed in the entrance of the library.
Library welcomes every new student. You can enter the library before you get your student ID card by asking librarians at the counter.  


WiFi (kitenet) is available in the library.
To access kitenet, SSO-KID is neccesary. Click Here to get the manual for access. English version is available in the left column.
Click Here to activate your account. 

[Postponed]Library Orienteering
in Central and Science and Technology Library

*Postponed due to the spread of coronavirus.
You can get a participation form in Central and Science and Technology library. Be the library master through this orienteering.

(↑Image picture)

Library Introduction Video

Did you watch the videos? If not, watch it now from Here!


These are the videos where Library TA Ms. Tanaka guides  a freshman, Mr. Tanaka. There are three videos in total, and each viewing time is about 5 minutes.
Videos have subtitles so that you could watch them with no sound. They are provided on moodle.
Click here to know howoto use M2B system.

2. Get advice from Library Teaching Assistant (Cuter)

Library Teaching Assistant called Cuter is the graduate students who give advice on lecture, future path, etc...

Case1. Talk with Cuter at learning support desk

There are learning support desk in Central and Science and Technology library where you can talk with cuter and get some advice in the afternoon on weekday. Some cuter is able to talk in English and Chinese.

Case2. Read the online guides called Cute.Guides
Cuter also creates the Cute.Guides on their major and interests. 173 guides are available as of March 31st, 2018. Top page is Here.
There are many interesting guides such as on space, study abroad, how to read academic articles. As most guides are written in Japanese, you could enjoy guides and improve your language skill.


3. Workshops

*The workshops below could be cancelled or postponed due to the spread of coronavirus.
Kyushu university libraries hold a lot of workshops to support your study and research. The workshops below are conducted in English. Preliminary application is required from the link below.
Detail dates on this year's workshop will be annouced soon.

Date Title Contents                         Database/Software
April How to Search for Academic Papers

Librarians show you how to find books and journals in the library with databases that Kyushu University provide.

This workshop also tells you how to make your reserach effective and efficient using some techniquese on databases.

Kyushu University Collections

World Contents

Web of Science



May Reference Management by Mendeley

Mendeley is the powerful tool to organize academic articles and make reference list automatically. By using Medeley you can improve your reserch/study efficiency.

This workshop is the first step to get started to use Mendeley.


*If you prefer made-to-order workshop, you can request from Here with 4 people or more.