Intercampus Delivery

You can order library materials or documents from other libraries of Kyushu University and receive at your own campus.
  ※Only for Kyushu University members.

Inter-Campus Books Delivery [Charge-free]

How to Apply
 ・Click on "Reserve" icon on Cute.Catalog.
※You can make requests for up to 5 books.
※You may return items at the circulation desk or book posts at any of our libraries.
  • We will let you know the arrival of the requested items by the contact tool suggested on the request form.
  • Please contact us if you have not received any notice from libraries more than 1 week after you made the request.
  • We will not proceed your request if the requested book is checked out by another patron already.
  • We will turn down your request if you have overdue penalties from the library you are trying to request.
  • We keep arrived items that are sent by this service for 1 week. If you do not come during the period, we will send back those books to the sender.
Every library has its own circulation policies, so please follow the policies of the library which the books belong to.
For example, as long as you get a penalty from Medical Library, you are not permitted to borrow books from Medical Library during the penalty term.
If you use Inter-Campus Books Delivery service, you are allowed to borrow books only in the regular type and during the regular lending period.
For further information, check our libraries' web sites.


Contact Us

Central Library TEL: 092-802-2480 FAX: 092-802-2479
Scitech Library TEL: 092-802-2453 FAX: 092-802-2455
Medical Library TEL: 092-642-6037 FAX: 092-642-6041
Design Library TEL: 092-553-4427 FAX: 092-553-4598
Chikushi Library TEL: 092-583-7020 FAX: 092-583-8801


Inter-campus Documents Delivery [Charged]

Before Placing Your Request

  • We may cancel your request, if there is a material in the same campus in the case of private expense.
  • The materials of  the microforms can not be supplied by PDF. And also, it takes some time to obtain the photocopies in that case.
  • Reproduction in libraries is subject to legal limitation because the author has the exclusive right to reproduce his/her work.
    • The article may not be entirely photocopied, if it appears in the journal's latest issue.
    • In general, we cannot supply more than half of total pages of the items.
    • In case of the collected papers(not the periodicals), we cannot supply more than half pages of each paper.

How to Apply

Click on "Copy" icon on Collections.
You may also submit a "Application Form" at the library desk.(except Medical Library)
(Scitech Library Application Form: PDF, WORD)

How to Pay

University budget
We accept only research grants given by Kyushu University as "University budget". You should fill the budget information in an application form. We proceed with the reimbursement at the first business day of the month for the requests of the prior month. If you pay by outside funds, select "Private expence" and proceed with the reimbursement after received.
University budget(by proxy)
We set you as a proxy if you submit on behalf of an applicant frequently. Please submit at the library desk when students pay by a supervisor's budget.
Private expense
Please pay by cash when you pick up the copy.

How to Get

University budget
We send to you by intercampus mail if it is the copy. You can view fulltext on Activities if it is the PDF.(period for 2weeks after clicking)
University budget(by proxy)
We send to the applicant by intercampus mail if it is the copy. The applicant can view fulltext on Activities if it is the PDF.(period for 2weeks after clicking)
Private expense
Please pick the copy up at your library.

Request for copy/PDF

  Copy PDF
20yen per sheet(Black/White), 40yen per sheet(Color)
20yen per sheet
Materials showed with "Copy(eDDS)" icon on Collections.
Materials showed with "Copy(eDDS)" icon on Collections.(The microforms can not be supplied by PDF)
"Private expense" and "University budget"
Only "University budget"
Web, Library desk
Only Web


  • Once the requests have been processed, they cannot be canceled!!
  • Please fill the bibliographic information in an application form correctly(not using abbreviations).
  • And also, search codes (ISSN etc) for identifying materials.
  • We usually contact you via e-mail. If you change your e-mail address, modify your account information on Settings immediately.
  • If you pay in cash, please pay the exact amount.


Contact Us

Ito Central Library
Document Delivery Service Section
Ito Scitech Library
Reference Service Section
TEL: 092-802-2454
Medical Library
Inter-library Loan Section
Ohashi Design Library TEL:092-553-9490
Chikushi Chikushi Library TEL:092-583-7514