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Library workshops and e-learning courses

Library Workshops

We offer useful information and various workshops designed for online classes, such as effective using libraries and searching academic literature.
Feel free to ask or apply via Workshop Inquiry Form.

Kyushu University Library (M2B Learning Support System)

The course provide the following courses;

(in Japanese and English subtitles are available)
- Introduction to the library

(In Japanese)
- How to write a report
- How to write an experimental report
- Presentation
- How to search for academic papers

Purchaseing lecture-relating ebooks

The Library will purchase lecture-relating ebooks, if it is possible.
​Please request at th below form.
Request Form

E-resources for lecture

Please refer to this page for many trials of E-Contents (E-Journals, E-Books and Databases etc.).

■Ebooks for lecture

ProQuest Ebook Central
More than 500 of the world’s most authoritative publishers distribute ebooks (electronic books) on the ebrary platform.
Many publishers have temporarily increased the number of simultaneous accesses (from 1 to unlimited), until June 19, 2020.

■ Kyushu University Institutional Repository (QIR)
Various research results by Kyushu University researchers (academic journal articles, doctoral dissertations, research bulletins and other Kyushu University publications, etc.) are open to the public.

■ Kyushu University Rare Materials Digital Archive
You can browse and search digitized images of Kyushu University's rare collections. Digitized images of Kyushu University Library holdings available in Collections (except for some exceptions) are openly available. You can reuse them freely at no charge.

※The library can digitize materials on your request if you would like to use the materials on the courses. Please use the Inquiry Form.

■ Cute.Guides
Cute.Guides is the learning guides on the web. Librarians and Library TA called Cuter create various types of guides such as introductions for their majors and useful information sources such as reference books. They are written in Japanese.

■ Other Useful Materials

National Geographic Virtual Library
Online version of the journal "National Geographic". You can read all issues since 1888.

Sustainable Development Goals Online (SDGO)
Sustainable Development Goals Online (SDGO) is an interdisciplinary collection of digital content themed around the SDGs. The collection includes more than 12,000 articles and chapters in an online library covering the 17 SDGs.

See also Databases.

Preparation for Online Lecture

Workshop for online lecture (M2B Learning Support System) (in Japanese) (in English)

Copyright for Online Lecture

For details please refer to the course “Workshop for online class” on Moodle. (in Japanese)

Tools for Online Meetings

For details please refer to the online meeting tools provided by Information Infrastructure Initiative. (in Japanese)

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