Mission Statement


  1. The first goal is to carry out the function which the National Standards for the Establishment of University Libraries (established in 1952 and revised in 1982) show; the library exists as the educational and research basis of the University which is responsible for acquiring, organizing and preserving academic information resources. The library aims to offer the resources to the users efficiently whenever they need for their activities of research, education and learning.
  2. The second goal is to promote the improvement of the infrastructure for digital resources; the library will enhance the new function of sharing the academic resources on a global scale by creation and transmission of digital contents, as well as the traditional function of acquiring, organizing, managing and providing the printed materials. In addition, the library aims to ensure the enduring access to electronic journals in response to the rapid progress of digitization and networking.
  3. The third goal is to make an active contribution to the vigorous university reform by constructing and managing the library appropriate to the new function and the organizational structure of the University.

◆The University Library fulfills its mission by:

  • realizing the learning library in a scholarly and energetic atmosphere
  • realizing the research library which holds systematically-gathered collections richly and offers the functional services to maximize the benefits of network society.
  • managing the university library as a business unit.
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