Use of the Library during the Relocation Period

The relocation of libraries was completed in September, 2018.

The following information is archives of relocation.

For the opening of the New Central Library in October 2018, the materials of the library are gradually moving. We will move forward the material relocation and opening of the new Central Library, while reducing the function of the current libraries in the Hakozaki campus.
The services during the relocation period are as follows. * It will be updated from time to time.(Last Updated:July 13, 2018)

■ Library Relocation Schedule

■ Use of library facilities

★ How long can I use the libraries in the Hakozaki Campus?

  • The Humanities and Social Sciences Library will be closed at the end of March 2018.* Current journals room will be available until July.
  • The current Central library at Hakozaki will be closed at the end of July 2018.*By August 10, Library Hall and the confarence room will openfrom 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays so that students can study.
  • The new Central Library, which is partly open, will be closed from August to September 2018 and fully open in October.
    → On August and September, the entrance counter will open and provide services. See here for more information.
    → Please use the Ito Library and libraries in other campuses from August to September 2018.

■ Relocation and use of materials

Library materials will be transferred from the Central Library (Hakozaki), the Humanities and Social Sciences Library and the Ito library (collections of the former Ropponmatsu Library) to the New Central Library.

  • ~ March 2018 : Materials are moving to the Automated Storage. >> Available.
  • April 2018~September 2018 : Materials will be moved to shelves. >> Unavailable for a maximum of half a year by the grand opening of the new library.
  • May 2018~June 2018 : Special rare books will be moved. >> Unavailable for 1~2 months.
  • August 2018~September 2018 : Books for student use and current journals will be moved. >> Unavailable for 2 months.

◆Please use the alternatives below during the relocation period. Please take action early to avert unexpected problems.

  • Long-term Loan (for details).
  • the library will bear the costs for inter-library loan (for details).


■ Interlibrary Loan

You can order via the library website during the relocation period.
You can receive materials at the Central Library (Hakozaki) by July 2018. After that, you should receive at the Ito and other libraries.

■ Purchase of books / journals by research funds

The acceptance of the order will be temporarily suspended during the library office relocation (planned for about one week in August or September 2018).
The contact desk at Humanities and Social Sciences Library will be closed on July 2018. After that the new Central Library will become the new contact desk.

■ Use of Databases / On-demand workshops / Other educational supports etc.

The new Central Library will become the new contact desk after October 2018.

■ Change of contact desk accompanying relocation

  • [Humanities] [Human-Environment Studies] [Law] [Economics] [Integrated Frontier Sciences]: Humanities and Social Sciences Library → New Central Library
  • [Integrated Frontier Sciences]Central Library→ New Central Library
  • [Arts and Science] [Social and Cultural Studies / Integrated Sciences for Global Society] [Languages and Cultures]: Ito library → New Central Library
  • [Agriculture]: Central Library → Science & Technology Library (Currently called Ito Library)

Detailed information will be announced from time to time.

【Contact Information】

[General Information about campus relocation]

Planning & Public Relations Section, Kyushu University Library / TEL:092-642-4264

[Use of the Library]

Service Division, Kyushu University Library / TEL:092-642-2333

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