Relocation of Materials (Ito Library)

For the opening of the New Central Library in October 2018, the materials of the Ito library are gradually moving.
The schedule of the material relocation and the services during the relocation period are as follows. * It will be updated from time to time.(Last Updated:September 12, 2017)


【Aug.-Sep. 2017】

○ Some books in ItoChuo 2F Open Stacks and ItoChuo 2F Asian Books
    Materials are moving to the Automated Storage in the New Central Library.
    You can pick up materials in the Automated Storage by a specialized PC at the New Central Library Counter.
    You can use Inter-Campus Books Delivery [Charge-free] and photocopy delivery service [Charged].

【Sep. 2017】

○ ItoChuo Microfilms (Newspapers and Duplicated Materials)
    These have been relocated to the Central Library for maintenance.
    You can take the inter-campus delivery service. Please ask at the counter of Ito Library.



Ito Library circulation section.