Information on E-Journals Subscription

Kyushu University will be out of contract with SpringerNature "SpringerLink Legacy Package" (1600 titles) and QU scholars will no longer have access to certain content from January 2020.
Access to any articles published from 2020 forward would no longer be available via SpringerLink platform.

The figure below shows the accessible range of Springer journal articles from 2020.

Cancelled titles and Single subscribed titles


How to access Springer articles

  • Some of these articles are available on other platforms.
    Click the “Cute.LinQ” button from the search results of various databases such as Google Scholar and “World Contents”. The accessible range is indicated and linked to that platform.

  • Find an open access copy
    Some authors may have already posted their articles open access(OA), either in the journal, in a repository, on a personal webpage, or on an academic networking website. It is worth checking to see if the article you are seeking is already online and free of charge by searching its title in Google or Google Scholar.

  • Get it from the library -- Interlibrary Loan(Charged)
    You can obtain photpcopies of the articles from outside institutions through Kyushu University Library. It takes about a week. Log in to MyPage and make a request.  Cute.LinQ also makes it easy to make a request.
    The Library starts a program to make the expenses no-charge from FY2020. You do not need to pay the expenses as an aid budget covers them under certain conditions.  See here for further details.

  • Pay per view(Charged)
    If you are in a hurry, you can also purchase journal articles directly from the publisher's site. They are about 4,800 yen per article and can be purchased with a credit card. When spending at public expense, please pay in advance with your own credit card and check out at the office in charge.

  • Request it from the author

Subscribing journals with your budgets

Please check here for details.


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