Kyushu University Open Access Policy

Approved by Education and Research Council on January 19, 2016


1 Kyushu University (hereinafter referred to as the “University”) shall freely disclose its research results as an institution open to the public, aiming to establish an international foothold which contribute to mankind and society, based on its Research Charter. The University declares the following Open Access Policy (hereinafter referred to as this “Policy”), pursuant to the principles of the preceding sentence.


2 In this Policy, the meaning of the terms set forth in each of the following items is as prescribed in that item:
(1) “Publicly Funded Research” means a research supported by competitive research funds, research funds subject to a public application process and grants provided by the national government, including, but not limited to, management expenses granted for national university cooperation.
(2) “Research Output” means academic information which is published by commercial publishers, academic societies or departments in the University as journal articles, conference papers or departmental bulletin papers.

Open Access to Research Outputs

3 The University provides open public access to the Research Outputs of any Publicly Funded Research (hereinafter referred to as the “Research Outputs”) by a faculty member of the University (hereinafter referred to as the “Faculty Member”) via Kyushu University Institutional Repository (hereinafter referred to as the “Repository”). The ownership of the copyright of such Research Outputs will not be transferred to the University.


4 Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the University has the right to make the specific Research Outputs not open to the public due to unavoidable reason such as relating copyright or similar protection.


5 This Policy shall not apply to the Research Outputs published prior to its implementation or contractually conflicting with it.

Submission of Research Outputs

6 The Faculty Member will submit his/her Research Outputs which would be permitted to deposit into the Repository (e.g. author’s final version of each article) at no charge as soon as possible. The Faculty Member also may submit his/her scholarly articles voluntarily even if these articles are not defined as the Research Outputs in this Policy.

Institutional Repository

7 All other issues related to the operation of the Repository shall be implemented in accordance with Kyushu University Institutional Repository Operational Guidelines.


8 The University monitors its open access consistently to see if it is working effectively based on this Policy.


9 Beyond what is provided for in this Policy, necessary particulars involving open access issues shall be negotiated by the persons concerned.


In case of conflict between the English translation of the Open Access Policy and the Japanese original, the latter shall prevail.

Kyushu University Open Access Policy : PDF version

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