What's Open Access?

As an institution open to the public, Kyushu University shall freely disclose its research results. It shall endeavour to establish an international foothold promoting exchange programs of researchers and linkage with other institutions and enterprises as well as actively dispatching information to the world.  (Kyushu University Research Charter, Article 4)

What's Open Access?

"Open access" means free availability of peer-reviewed scholarly research on the public internet.

Significance of open access:

  • Promote equal access to academic information across disparities
  • Sharing and reuse of research results, and promote further creation of interdisciplinary research and innovation.
  • The results will be returned to society and contribute to the development of human society.

Authors also benefit from making their research open access:

  • Open access academic articles can be accessed free of charge from all across the world via the internet.
  • More citations by peer researchers can be expected.
  • Sharing research results advances and returns to society.

Kyushu University has "Kyushu University Open Access Policy"(Approved by Education and Research Council on January 19, 2016).

Two models to make your articles open access

Gold Open Access (Open access publishing)

Submitting Open access journal. Recently, many journals provide an open access option to make your articles open access immediately after the publication.
In order to make the article open access, there is mostly an expense called an Article Processing Charge (APC). →APC discount information

Green Open Access (Self-archiving)

You can make your articles open access in an institutional repository or preprint server.
Kyushu University Affiliates can deposit their research results in Kyushu University Institutional Repository(QIR).


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