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Dr. Nakamura Tetsu (1946-2019) has devoted himself to field-based support activities such as medical care, irrigation and agriculture projects in Afganistan and Pakistan for 35 years. The "Nakamura Tetsu Digital Archive" is intended to spread the word about Dr. Nakamura’s mission to the next generation.
Dr. Nakamura’s activities in Afghanistan and his writings and remarks will doubtless provide excellent research material for scholars not only in the fields of medicine, agriculture, and international cooperation, but also in the humanities, and social sciences. In addition, we are confident that Dr. Nakamura’s message will continue to offer sound guiding principles for our future lives and work. We hope that this archive serves as a bridge for the will of Dr. Nakamura to be passed on, so that someone else can uphold his spirit in engaging in their work.

Registered Contents:1,336 items (as of the end of January 2024)

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About The Nakamura Tetsu Digital Archive

The Nakamura Tetsu Digital Archive was opened to the public in March 2021, as part of the"Kyushu University Dr. Nakamura Tetsu Project: Passing on the Spirit of Dr. Nakamura to the Next Generation" . The Archive has been created in the Kyushu University Institutional Repository (QIR), which is managed by Kyushu University Library. With the cooperation of the Peshawar-kai, and many publishers, organizations, and individuals, We we have been able to gather together and preserve in digital form Dr. Nakamura’s writings and remarks. We really appreciate for your contributions.

The Nakamura Tetsu Digital archive ensure that his precious writings are permanently accessible from anywhere in the world and not scattered and lost to posterity. Dr. Nakamura left many words in his activity reports, lectures, and various media appearances. Most of those materials are from publications that, unlike academic papers by researchers, become harder to find as time passes, such as trade magazines and newsletters that do not generally find their way into ordinary distribution channels. Having assembled these articles and prepared bibliographic data, we will begin publishing in the archive those items for which we have received the consent of the original publisher.

The archive project has just begun. The volume of information generated by Dr. Nakamura as part of his activities and life in Afghanistan is enormous and while only a small part of it is contained in this archive. We will continue to gather documents concerning Dr. Nakamura for this archive. We hope that by opening it to the public, the information contained within the archive will be seen by many people and that information and materials will be received from those who were involved with his work.

Contributing Materials to the Nakamura Tetsu Digital Archive

We will continue to gather documents concerning Dr. Nakamura for this archive. If you have any related documents, please do share them with us.
More details: Contributing Materials to the Nakamura Tetsu Digital Archive

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More details: Copyright and Use of the Content of the Nakamura Tetsu Digital Archive

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