Purchasing Books with Your Budgets

This service is for purchasing books with research budget. Those who have research budgets can use this service.

Delivery may be delayed depending on the situation of the publisher and logistics.
It is especially difficult to inform you of delivery dates for orders from overseas.
For inquiries about purchasing books, please email the office below in your campus.

Steps for Purchasing Books

 1) Apply for Book Purchase Online Request from My Page on the library website.

 2) The library supporting your faculty receives request and orders books to bookstores.

 3) Bookstores deliver the books to the library.

 4)After being checked and equipped, the books are loaned to the laboratory or shelved at the library.

How to Apply for Purchasing Books  

    Instruction for Online Book Purchase Request Instruction for Online Book Purchase Request(Amazon Business)

 1)Online Request Form at My Page

  Log in to the library website "My Page", go to Online Request Form.

 → To Book Purchase Request Form【On-Campus only】  Log in with your own SSO-KID.(※VPN connection service is not available for book purchase requests)

 2) Paper-based Application Form

 When you cannot request online, paper-based application form is also available.

Fill in the following request form, and submit to the office below in your campus.

"Book Purchase Request Form" PDF  EXCEL

 3) Advance Payment at Your Own Expense

Instruction for Reimbursement Payment Application

Unless there is any other option, advance payment can be made.

  ・ When purchasing on a business trip

  ・ When purchasing consumables via the Internet whose payment method are cash or credit card only.

  ・When purchasing urgently at stores etc. (*)

  ・ When payment by invoice is not possible due to vendors' reasons(*)

*Limited to the budgets by which the budget manager (faculty) can order by themselves


It is not appropriate to make advance payments with the vendors who already do business with Kyushu University on an invoice-paying basis

(which may raise suspicions of fraud).

For more information about how to apply for advance payment,

please refer to Instruction for Reimbursement Payment Application(PDF) or contact the office below in your campus.


Form of "立替払請求書"(Reinbursement Payment Invoice)

PDF Word



【Contacting Offices】

Ito Campus Central Library
Books Acquisitions Section
Phone: 90-2486
Hakozaki Campus Central Library
Books Acquisitions Section
Phone: 90-2486
Hospital Campus Medical Library
Acquisitions & Cataloging Section
Phone: 91-6036
Ohashi Campus Design Library
Cataloging Section
Phone: 95-4426
Chikushi Campus Chikushi Library
Library Service Section
Phone: 93-7020


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