Newspaper and Magazine Articles

The collection contains articles, conversations, and interviews that Dr. Nakamura Tetsu contributed to newspapers and magazines. The Peshawar-kai owned Scrapbook collections of newspapers and magazine articles which related to Dr.Nakamura and their activities. The information is collected from the scrapbooks and also from the newspaper/magazine article databases, and it is made public only after permission for publication has been obtained.
*The article is written in Japanese. As of March 2021, the collection mainly contains articles published between 2000 and 2013.

Serialised and contributed articles

This is a collection of contributions by Dr. Nakamura Tetsu and a series of articles written about his activities (some of them are links to external sites).

中村哲という生き方 Nakamura Tetsu to iu Ikikata
[The Way of Life of Nakamura Tetsu]
アフガンの地で:中村哲医師からの報告 Afghan no Chi de: Nakamura Tetsu Ishi karano Houkoku
/In the Land of the Afghans – Reports from Dr. Tetsu Nakamura [2009-2019]
中村哲がつくる平和 : 戦乱のアフガンから Nakamura Tetsu ga Tsukuru Heiwa : Senran no Afghan kara
[Peace made by Nakamura Tetsu : in war-torn Afghanistan]
ペシャワールから沖縄へ Peshawar kara Okinawa e
[From Peshawar to Okinawa]
アフガン最新報告・中村哲医師 Afghan Saishin Houkoku・Nakamura Tetsu Ishi
[The Latest Report from Afghanistan by Dr. Nakamura Tetsu]
難民・アフガン : 命を守る Nanmin・Afghan : Inochi wo Mamoru
[Refugees and Afghanistan : Protecting Lives]
新ガリバー旅行記 Shin Gulliver Ryokoki
[The New Gulliver's Travels]
辺境の診療所から:アフガン難民との10年 Henkyo no Shinryojo kara: Afghan Nanmin tono 10 Nen
[From a Frontier Clinic: Ten Years with Afghan Refugees]
祈りの手紙 Inori no Tegami
[Prayer letters]
地の果てから:パキスタン北西辺境の人々 Chi no Hate kara: Pakistan Hokusei Henkyo no Hitobito
[From far corner of the earth: the people of Pakistan's North-West Frontier Province]
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