Collection Policy

You can submit the following contents to QIR.

Type Description
Journal Article Articles published in academic (peer-reviewed) journals, etc.
Thesis or Dissertation Doctoral dissertations, master theses, etc.
Departmental Bulletin Paper Articles published in university bulletins.
Conference Paper Articles published in conference proceedings.
Presentation Presentations, posters, etc. from conferences, seminars, or workshops.
Book Whole books, articles in book, book chapters.
Technical Report Reports published by research institutions: Technical reports, discussion papers, working papers, etc.
Research Paper Reports of funded research (e.g., KAKEN, COE), etc.
Article Articles published in general magazines, newspapers, etc.
Preprint Preprint, i.e., drafts of academic papers that have not been published in journals.
Learning Material Presentations, handouts, recorded movies of courses.
Others Other contents satisfying the first paragraph of the principle.
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