【New Central Library】Services before grand opening(8/1~9/30・for Kyushu University members)


The relocation of libraries was completed in September, 2018.

The following information is archives of relocation.

  New Central Library will partly close during the term from August 1(Wed) to September 30(Sun) and provide only limited services due to the relocation of library materials and preparation for the grand opening on October 1. We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
  we provide services as following.

 1.Users; Kyushu Universiy members only
 2.Opening hours; 9:00-17:00 on Weekdays  ※Close from August 13 to 15

 3.Location; Entrance counter on 3F

 4.What you can do;
・Request and Borrowing materials in ASRS
・Borrowing materials curried by intercampus delivery
・Returning materials (Please return to the bookpost when the counter closes)
・Request temporary borrowing of materials in research use
・Recieving materials(books or copies) curried by interlibrary loan
・Recieving a letter of introduction to use other libraries
・Services about order for books in research【for researchers in Kyushu University】  


New Central Library Service Division
E-mail:touservice@jimu.kyushu-u.ac.jp / TEL:092-802-2480

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