National Diet Library Digital Collections Services

You can read digital contents of the National Diet Library (NDL) and get copies of them in the libraries.


List of Contents

Among the materials that NDL has digitalized, you can read the materials which consist of books, classics, journals, doctoral dissertations and so on.

For details, please refer to "About the National Diet Library Digital Collections".

How to Use

1. Libraries

Central Library / Scitech Library / Medical Library / Design Library

2. Available Hours

<Central Library / Scitech Library >

By 30 minutes before closing

< Medical Library / Design Library>

Weekdays only, by 16:30

3. Photocopy Receiving Hours

Weekdays only, by 17:00

*If you would like to take on the day, please submit an application form by 15:00.
According to the number of pages, you may not be able to take on the day.
You can take copies only at the circulation desk. We do not send them by mail.

4. Who Qualifies

Kyushu University Students and Faculty
Visitors who have their own library ID of Kyushu University

*If you do not have your library ID, please apply for "Request form for Library ID"(in Japanese).
Since it may take several days to issue your library ID, you cannot use on the day.

5. How to Apply

Please come to the circulation desk and fill in "Application for reading NDL digital Image"(in Japanese).
Be sure to bring your student ID card, university ID card, or library ID card.

6. How to Read

You can read digital contents on the PCs in the libraries.
Besides, you cannot search words, since they were created from images.

7. Printing(Photocopying)

Please submit "Application form for photocopying"(in Japanese) at the circulation desk.
*You cannot print from th PCs for reading.
*Please use Kyushu University Library Holdings if the same materials are also available in NDL digital collections.

8. After You Finish to Use

After you finish to use, please be sure to inform the circulation desk.



1.Do not save on external storage devices such as notebook PC or USB flash memory.
2. Do not take pictures by camera and so on.
3. We judge your future use of this services, if you breach the terms of  the above agreement.

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