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On 2018.10.01, Kyushu University Central Library opened in Ito campus.
This page guides you to the new library (For details, please refer to the Central Library Pamphlet and the article of Current Awareness Portal).


Students of the School of Design made promotional videos for the new Central Library.
From left to right, Taichi Oba, Chihiro Matsuura, Hikari Taguchi.
*Click the image to switch the video.

Kyushu University Central Library

Open: 2018.10.01
Location: East Zone of Ito Campus
Total Area: 19,279㎡
Seating capacity: about 1400 seats
Book capacity: about 3.5 million
 Open shelves -about 2 million-
 ASRS -about 1.5 million-

In 2011, Kyushu University celebrated 100 years anniversary.
Central Library has the large collection of books on humanities and social sciences, which were collected during the long history of this university.
'Encourage' 'Link' 'Create' 'Cultivate' are the keywords which express the main concepts of this library. Based on these concepts, Central Library supports all of the academic activities including learning, education, and research.
Also, as the central base of intelligence open to the society, this library will create the future of the next 100 years from now on. 

POINT①  Structure of Each Floor

From the 1st to the 4th, every floor has the same layout.

■ The Centered Four-Story Atrium Space

You can see all the floors through this atrium space.
On the bridges, reading desks are equipped and you can study in open space.
The circumstances where readers are seen by and see each other would stimulate intelligent creativity. 

■ The Book Wall

The atrium space is surrounded by the Book Walls.
On the Book Wall, there are books related to the genre of each floor,
and those books would encourage readers to go to the bookshelves behind the wall.

■ Bookshelves

Behind the Book Wall, you would see bookshelves.
On each floor,  these shelves are located and sorted systematically.

Floor Colors

The colors marked on the shelves and sofas tell you the floor where you are.
Each floor color is as follows.


When you go down the floors, the floor color gradually gets calm,
which shows the feature of each floor.

The 4th floor has the Active Learning Space (Cute. Commons).
The 3rd floor also has active spaces such as the Entrance and the Lounge space.

On the other hand, many books for research are located on the 2nd floor and the 1st floor, where you can concentrate on study in quiet circumstances.

As mentioned above, Central Library supports users with active area and area in silence.

POINT②  Variety of User Area

The wide range of users, from undergraduate students to professional academic researchers, come to libraries in universities.
Central Library has the various areas to support the users' learning, education, and research.

■ Cute. Commons 4F

'Cute. Commons' is the name of the active learning space in this library,
where you can study with your friends or colleagues by making group discussions.
Various items like movable tables and chairs accommodate the diverse learning styles of users flexibly.
Having group study rooms, a lecture area and so on, its total area of 1000㎡ is one of the largest scales among university libraries in Japan.
For more information, see here.

■ Seminar Rooms 4F

Central Library support lectures utilizing the items of the library.
The Seminar Room on the 4th floor is the very space for those lectures.
Valuable materials in the library would give students the discovery which the current media could not.
For more information, see here.

■ Individual Study Rooms 1F・3F

You can concentrate on your study in this quiet, personal room.
The layout of each room is different from the others and among them, you would find your best room.

■ Lounge 3F

Beside the entrance, the bakery 'Doumu Cafe' will open.
How about coming here and having a relaxing time when you get a little bit tired?

POINT③  Richness of Collections -in quantity and in quality-

■ Collections from Many Libraries

Items of this library derive from many libraries as follows.

Former Central Library(Hakozaki Campus) / Former Humanities and Social Sciences Library / Former Ropponmatsu Library / Manuscript Library

Central Library has the large collection on humanities and social sciences collected during the long history of this university.
In addition, the library has a lot of books for undergraduate students.


■ 3.5 Million   -one of the largest book capacity in Japan-

The book capacity of Central Library is about 3.5 million. As a university library, this is one of the largest capacity in Japan.

To improve the convenience, books are sorted and located systematically and technically.

More than the half of books (about 2 million) are located on Open shelves so that readers can make browsing those shelves.

Other items, which cannot be located on the open shelves, are stored in ASRS. Location and movements of books are controlled by the computer, which enables it to pick up the appointed book out of about 1.5 million books in 3 minutes.

For more information about ASRS, see here.

The Linkage between the Past and the Future
■ History and Unique Classifications

Books are classified with numbers and alphabets based on the rules of NDC (Nippon Decimal Classification).
However, some of the books for research are marked unique signs and letters.
This is the unique classification which was introduced by the faculties of Literature, Education, and Law.
The orders and rules of each classification show us the history of each faculty.

■ Renewed Desks

The desks and chairs which were used in the former Central Library and Ropponmatsu Library are given the new life by repairing and they are now available again in the new Central Library in Ito campus.
Not only the books but also the furniture will hand down the history of this university to the next 100 years.

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