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Central Library has various materials which covers the wide range of academic fields, and among them, materials of humanities and social sciences are centralized.

Before using library materials, please search "Collections" and check the availability and location of a material in advance. Before using closed access materials, you need to make an application. For more information, see here.

【Materials on Each Floor】

4F  Books for students / Books on Studying Abroad, Books on Career Building / Books on Legal Studies and Economics
3F  Journals, Newspapers, Periodicals / NDC330~499 / Books on Education and Social Sciences
2F  NDC000~299 / NDC500~799 / Books on Philosophy, History, and Arts
1F  NDC800~999 / Books on Linguistics and Literature
Book Walls  Some collections are located on the Book Walls. You can search those collections on "Library Collection."
Closed access materials  ASRS / Rare and Semi-Rare Books / Microfilms and others / Lab Possession

【Index of Books for Resarch】
In principle, materials are classified and marked by the rules of NDC (Nippon Decimal Classification).  However, some materials are classified uniquely by the faculties where they used to be located. 

Literature  Philosophy, History of Philosophy EthicsIndian PhilosophyHistory of Chinese PhilosophyArts Studies, History of Arts
 Japanese HistoryAsian HistoryKorean HistoryArchaeologyWestern HistoryIslamic Civilization
 Japanese Language and LiteratureChinese LiteratureEnglish Language and LiteratureGerman LiteratureFrench Literature
other  Law (books)Law (journals)StatisticsEducation | Architecture


Floor Guide



■Bookshelf Area

・Books for Student Use
・Textbooks to Learn Japanese|Japanese Studies Books
・Teacher training corner|Textbooks of The Open Universtiy of Japan

4B NDC 300-329(Political Sciences, Law)
4C Law|Statistical Materials

■Book Walls

4Wa Assigned Books|Books for Mountaineering and Exploration|Kyudai 100 Books|Papreback Pocket Edition
4Wb National Reporter
4Wc Reference books

■Reading area, Cute. Commons

Reading Area Career Development Books|Language Examination Books
Cute. Commons Study Abroad Books|Course Reserve Books

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All the journals and periodicals are located on the shelves on this floor.

Before using closed access materials, please check here and make an application at the counter on this floor.

■Bookshelf Area

3A Current Issues / Legal Studies 
3B NDC 330-359(Economics, Finance, Statistics)
3C Education|Architecture|Sociology|Psychology|Religion
3D Japanese Journal / Newspapers / Chinese and Korean Journal / Western Journal / Oversized Journal
3E NDC 360- 499(Sociology, Education, Natural Sciences)

■Book Walls

3Wa Newspaper Reduced Version (Asahi, Mainichi, Yomiuri, Nikkei)
3Wb Kyushu Universtiy Related Materials|Environmental Problems|Kyushu University Press and others
3Wc Exhibition Catalog|Reference books

Browsing Area

Magazine Current issues of casual magazines
Newspapers Issues over the last 2 months

【About Journals and Newspapers】
  Journals Issues over the last 2 years:3A
Back Numbers:3D,ASRS
  Newspapers Issues over the last 2 months:Browsing Area
Back Numbers:3D / Reduced Version:3Wa
   *Preservation Nishinippon Shimbun:premanent / Others:1 year / Reduced Version:premanent

National  Asahi / Mainichi / Yomiuri / Nikkei / Sankei
Local  Nishinippon / Itoshima / Yamaguchi / Saga / Nagasaki / Kumamoto Daily News / Oita Press / Miyazaki Nichinichi / Minami-Nippon / Ryukyu Shimpo
Abroad  The New York Times / The Japan Times /
 The DONG-A ILBO(東亜日報) / People's Daily(人民日報) / The Financial Times / The Wall Street Journal
Technical  The Science News / Nikkei MJ / Nikkei Sangyo Shimbum / Nikkei Veritus


3F Entrance[exhibition]
3F Cuter's Bookshelf


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■Bookshelf Area

2A NDC 000~299(General Works・philosophy・History)
2B NDC 500~799(Technology, Engineering・Industory, Commerse・Arts)
2C Philosophy|Ethics|Indology (History, Philosophy, and others)|Chinology(philosophy, literature, and others)|Japanese History|Korean History|Western History|Islamic Civilization|Archaeology
2D Geography|Art Studies|Higaki Collection|Mikami Collection|Books on the 21 Century COE|Collection of Konservative Revoution|Collection of Physical Education of Modern Germany

■Book Walls

2Wa Hasegawa Collection|Matsuura Collection|Tripitaka (Buddhist Book)
2Wb Chinese Books|Hirose Collection|Reference books
2Wc Exhibition Catalog|Reference books


Audio Vidual Seats For more information, see here.

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On the 1 floor, there are mainly located books on linguistics and literature.
There are also equipped individual study rooms and a refresh space.

■Bookshelf Area

1A NDC 800~999(Language・Literature)
1B Japanese Language and Literature|English Language and Literature|German literature|Higaki Collection (oversize)
1C French Literature|Linguistics|Humanities (oversize)

■Book Walls

1Wa Kuchinashi Collection
1Wb Gazoku Collection|Kori Torahiko Collection|Oe Collection
1Wc Naruse Collection|Reference books


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Closed Access Materials

ASRS / Rare and Semi-Rare Books / Microfilms and others / Lab Possession
■You need to make an application to use these materials.■



Some materials are located in Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS).
On the searching result of "Collections", the location of those materials is displayed 'Central Library ASRS'.

■In-library use
You can Request from a dedicated PC for ASRS at the Central Library and then you can receive the materials in 2~5 minutes.

■Inter-Campus Delivery (Charge-free)
You can request to send materials in ASRS to your campus by Inter-Campus Delivery in the same way as usual materials. For the information of application, see here.

■ASRS Web Service
This is a service you can request a material in ASRS from laboratory.
[Intended users]
Faculty members in Ito Campus
[Service hours]
Weekdays 9:00-17:00
[Bounds of volumes]
10 volumes a day. They are kept at the Counter until the next day you submit a request. Please bring the receipt number shown in the display when you come.

** You must make an application in advance before using this service. Please submit an application form to the Counter or send it by e-mail (

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【Semi-Rare Books】

When you plan to use the specific materials of Semi-rare books, please apply at the counter with  [Application for Closed Access Materials (Japanese)]. Applications may be also accepted by e-mail.


The materials are retrieved by librarians and kept at the counter. You may borrow the materials.

[Opening hour]:9:00-16:30 weekdays
*The applications sent after-time are processed on the next office day.

*Semi-rare books are not available by Inter-Library Delivery service.
*When you return the materials, please come to the counter on the 3 floor.
*Depening on the condition, some materials cannot be served.
 We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

■The Lecture for Using

Users cannot enter the Semi-rare books room without permit.
The library provides the lecture for users to use the semi-rare books room, and the user who took the lecture are permitted to enter the room. (Kyushu University Members only)
The lectures are provided on regular bases. In addition, the library accepts requests for the lecture to groups.

[Opening hour] 9:00-16:30 weekdays

For more information about the lecture for using, please check "How to Use Semi-Rare Book Room."

【Rare Books】

Please apply at the counter with  [Application for Rare Books Reading (Japanese)] in advance at least 3 days before the date to use (except weekends and holidays). If you wish to make photocopies, please submit [Application form for permission to photocopy rare books (Japanese)].  Applications may be also accepted by e-mail.

[Opening hour] 9:00-16:30 weekdays

*Users are permitted to read rare books only in the designated reading room.
*The materials may not be available immediately. Contacting us in advance makes you easier and smoother to reach the materials. 

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【Microfilms / Others】

Please apply at the counter with [Application for Closed Access Materials]. Applications may be also accepted by e-mail.

 [Application] 9:00-16:30 weekdays
 [The Hour to Return the Materials]
 ・Microfilms By 16:30 (at microfilm readers on the 3F)
 ・Others By the Closing Hour

*Some materials cannot be available on the day of application. Contacting us in advance makes you easier and smoother to reach the materials. 

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【Materials of Lab Possession】

Some materials are shelved in a laboratory.
Their status on "Collections" are displayed 'Lab possession'.
  • Kyushu University members may temporarily borrow those materials if the laboratory allows.
  • If you have something to ask, please contact us with the information about the materials which you plan to use.
    (The Call number or Record ID of the material is necessary for the inquiry.)
    (TEL: 092-802-2480, e-mail:
  • ​Those materials are not available for non-Kyushu University members.

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== To Non-University members ==

Please search "Collections" and check the availability and location of a material in advance.
If you plan to use materials which require you to make an application, please contact us in advance.

■Where to Apply■
Circulation Section, User Service Division
 TEL:092-802-2480  FAX:092-802-2479
 *Please let us know a title of the material, a volume number and a preferred date by three days (except for Saturday, Sunday and holidays) before the date.

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