How to Use Semi-Rare Books Room

How to Read and Borrow

When you plan to use the specific materials of Semi-rare books, please apply at the counter with [Application for Closed Access Materials].
Applications may be also accepted by e-mail:
After receiving, you can read and borrow the materials.

[Opening hour]:9:00-16:30 weekdays
*The applications sent after-time are processed on the next office day.

 ※Semi-Rare Books are not available by Inter-Library Delivery service.
 ※When you return the materials, please come to the counter on the 3 floor.
 ※Depening on the condition, some materials cannot be served.
  We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Lectures for Users

After taking the lecture about Semi-Rare Books, users are permitted to enter the Semi-Rare Books Room. 

The Regular Lecture for Indeviduals

The lectures are hold in April and October.

Date  2018.10.29(Mon) ~ 11.2(Fri) ①10:00~ ②13:30~
Who can apply  Kyushu Universtiy Member only
How to apply  Please come to the Entrance Hall on 3F by 5 minutes before the lecture starts
Time  30 minutes a lecture
Memo  Please take your library card.
 When the number of applications exceeds the capacity, applicants may have to wait for the next lecture.

The Customed Lecture for Groups

In addition to the regular lectures above, the library accepts requests for the customed lectures to groups.
To apply the lecture, please fill the forms below.

(参加者のうち上記に該当する人がいる場合、全てチェックしてください。複数選択可。) (Check the status of members. Multi answer possible.)