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An institutional Repository is a website to disseminate and preserve research outputs created in a research institute.

Kyushu University Institutional Repository (QIR), launched in FY2006, collects, preserves and disseminates research outputs created by researchers and graduate students of Kyushu University; including, peer-reviewed journal articles, technical reports, departmental bulletin papers, dissertations and theses, and so on. QIR aims to contribute to research productivity of the university and global society. You will find more information about QIR here.

Who can submit to QIR?

  • Faculty and staff who belong or once belonged to Kyushu University
  • Graduate Students who belong to Kyushu University
  • People permitted by the Librarian of Kyushu University Library

How to submit

QIR collects

  • postprints
  • preprints
  • working papers
  • technical reports
  • departmental bulletin papers
  • dissertations and theses
  • conference papers
  • presentation
  • books
  • etc.

For details on each content type, see here.

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