How to Submit

Who can submit to QIR?

  • Faculty and staff who belong or once belonged to Kyushu University
  • Graduate Students who belong to Kyushu University
  • People permitted by the Librarian of Kyushu University Library

1. Self Archive

  1. Click "Login" at the upper right of the Library website.
  2. Sign-on with your Kyushu University ID(SSO-KID/Student ID).
  3. Go to Author Self-Archiving (QIR) and start sibmission.
  • If you do not have Kyushu University ID(SSO-KID/Student ID), please contact the following contact address.
  • Submitted items are published after copyright check and adding bibliographic information by library staff. It takes a little time to become searchable on QIR.

2. Ask the library to submit your articles

Please send your PDF files to the library with the following information.
Please consult the library if you have any difficulty on sending PDF files.

--Required Information--

  1. Published or Not published. If the article has been published, please tell us the source information (Journal Name, Volume, Issue, Pages, Publisher, Date, Conference Name etc).
  2. Keyword, Abstract (not necessary if the abstract is included in the fulltext file)
  3. Copyright information (Your archiving is permitted by the publisher?)

Contact Address

Digital Repository Section, Kyushu University Library
744 Motooka Nishi-ku Fukuoka 819-0395
TEL: 092-802-2459 Email:

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