【PC/Internet Access】 Internet Salon / Wireless LAN
【Copy & Print】 Self-service Copy Machine / Print via Wireless LAN
【Rooms】 Conference room, Seminar room, Group study room, Communication roomExhibition room (2F: Learning room)



■ Internet Salon

There are 9 Chromebox available for research and study in this area.

*You need either your SSO-KID and password to connect wi-fi

■ Wireless LAN

You can connect to the Kyushu University wireless LAN network( kitenet , edunet ) in the library.

*Only for Kyushu University members.

■ Self-service Copy Machine

There are 3 copy machines in the library (self-service).
Payment by private expense is coin-operated. You need a copy card to pay by university budget.
*Reproduction in libraries is subject to legal limitation. You are allowed to make copies only when it is for non-profit use, single-copy per capita, and the number of copies is less than half of total pages of the items.

■ Printing via Wireless LAN

You can print out with a copy machine in the library from your own PC or other devices via wireless LAN .
To use this service, you need to install a printer driver or application to your own PC or other devices.
For details, please refer to the following manuals.

*Please note that manuals can be downloaded only via the Kyushu University network.
*You must access Kyushu University network (edunet or kitenet) during driver setting and printing out.

<How to Print from Your Own PC(Medical Library)>

    Color and Monochrome Printer for MacOS
    Color and Monochrome Printer for Windows

<How to Print from Your Own Tablets(Medical Library)> only in Japanese


<Website to Download a Printer Driver>



■ Conference room, Seminar room, Group study room, Communication room

Kyushu University members who are affiliated with the Hospital campus can use these rooms.




Service hours

Purpose of use

Application and N.B.

Conference room

30 people



Reviewing articles,


Lectures etc 


*You can apply via “login”.(upper right side   of the library website)


 *Only for Faculty & Staff members

Seminar room

14 people



Weekends and  holidays



Research and study groups.

 *You can use for 3 hours at most.


 *You can apply via “login”.(upper right side   of the library website)

Group study room

16 people

Communication  room

6 people


■ Exhibition room (2F: Learning room)

Faculty and Staff members affiliated with the Hospital Campus can use the Learning room (2F) as an Exhibition room.

Reservations may be accepted from one month to one year before any exhibition is to be held.

Exhibition period: any desired period except from January to early March.

Exhibition hours: Weekdays 9:00-20:30

                        Weekends and holidays 9:30-17:00

Please, fill out an application and turn in it to the counter.


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