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Scitech Library collection mainly covers the fields of natural sciences, mathematics, agriculture, engineering, and information science.

When you use library materials, please search "Collections" and check the location of a material in advance.


1F 1F Open Stacks (NDC 000-459) / 1F Assigned Books / 1F Current Journals / 1F Browsing Area / 1F Career Development Books / 1F Kyudai 100 / 1F Cuter's Bookshelf / 1F Braille & Speech Synthesizer / 1F Academic Writing & Presentation Books / 1F Counter
2F 2F Open Stacks (NDC 460-999) / 2F International Collection / 2F Bunko Shinsyo / 2F Large-sized Books / 2F Reference Books
3F 3F Mathematical Books / 3F Geological Maps & Weather Maps / 3F Sugi-Bunko / 3F Watanabe-Bunko / 3F Morinaga-Bunko / 3F The John Lossing Buck Library / 3F Nakata-Bunko / 3F Nishida-thoji-Bunko / 3F Esaki-Bunko / 3F Uchida-Bunko / 3F Horse Racing / 3F Audio-Visuals / 3F Map Room
BF BF Open Stacks / BF Large-sized Books / BF Kyushu University-related Publications / BF Statistics Books / BF Former Colonies Books / BF Government Publications / BF Secondary Sources / ASRS: Automated Storage Retrieval System / Closed Stacks
[Materials Needed a Request for Browsing]
 ASRS Request from a specialized PC for ASRS at Scitech Library Counter or ASRS Web Service
[Service Hours] during open hours
*ASRS Web Service is available only weekdays 9:00-17:00
Closed Stacks A library staff take a material from the shelf. Please make an application at the Counter.
[Service Hours] during open hours
Doctoral Thesis, Master Thesis, Graduation Thesis
3F Map Room
A library staff take a material from the shelf. Please make an application at the Counter.
[Service Hours] weekdays 9:00-17:00
Materials Displayed "Lab possesion" in Collections These materials are shelved in a laboratory of Ito campus.
Please consult a library staff in Scitech Library.



1F Open Stacks
  Books are shelved by the subject according to the Nippon Decimal Classification (NDC).
  Books cllasified NDC 000 to 459 are on the 1st floor.
1F Assigned Books
  Books recommended by the faculty are shelved by courses. In library use only.
1F Current Journals
  Journal issues published in last 3 years. Older issues are stacked in ASRS.
1F Browsing Area
  Magazines, today's newspapers
1F Career Development Books
  Books about job-hunting and career development for students
1F Kyudai 100
  100 books recommended by the deans of Kyushu University
1F Cuter's Bookshelf
  Books selected by teaching assistants of Scitech Library
1F Braille & Speech Synthesizer
  Braille and audio materials
1F Academic Writing & Presentation Books
1F Counter
  CD-ROMs and other computer files (in library use only)  **Ask a library staff at the Counter

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2F Open Stacks
  Books are shelved by the subject according to the Nippon Decimal Classification (NDC).
  Books cllasified NDC 460 to 999 are on the 2nd floor.
2F International Collection
  Japanese textbooks and English books about Japan
  Extensive Reading collections are also here.
2F Bunko Shinsyo
  Iwanami-Shinsyo, Chuko-Shinsyo, Iwanami-Bunko and other collections
2F Large-sized Books
  Large-sized books
2F Reference Books
  Encyclopedias, dictionaries and JIS handbooks

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3F Mathematical Books
  Books for the Faculty of Mathematics are shelved by alphabetical order of the call number.
3F Geological Maps and Weather Maps
  Geological maps and weather maps are shelved by original order.
3F Sugi-Bunko
  Private collection on geological science by Prof. Ken-ichi Sugi.
3F Watanabe-Bunko
  Private collection on geological science by Prof. Kyukichi Watanabe.
  Prof. Watanabe engaged in many researches on mineral resources and the collection contains a lot of research papers and geological maps on the researches.
3F Morinaga-Bunko
  Private collection on agriculture and genetics by Prof. Shuntaro Morinaga.
3F The John Lossing Buck Library
Agricultural economy and marketing report on experiment station in American universities.
3F Nakata-Bunko
  Private collection on tobacco and plant pathology by Prof. Kakugoro Nakata.
3F Nishida-Thoji-Bunko
      Private collection of Prof. Nishida Thoji about plant pathology.
3F Esaki-Bunko
  Private collection on 本草学 (medical science originated in China) by Prof. Teizo Esaki.
3F Uchida-bunko
  The collection of Emeritus Professor Keitaro Uchida. It is composed of materials on ichthyology, fisheries science, and literature.
3F Horse Racing
3F Audio-Visuals
  DVDs and other audio-visual materials
3F Map Room
  Wall maps



BF Open Stacks
  "SciTech BF Open Stacks [section name]" displayed in "Collections". Books of former Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering are shelved by the section in the order of special classification.
BF Large-sized Books
  Large-sized books not shelved "SciTech BF Open Stacks"
BF Kyushu University-related Publications
     Books and Journals publiced by Kyushu University

  Back issues of journals and older books not used frequently are stacked. You can pick up a materials in ASRS from a specialized PC for it at the Counter. Faculty and students in Ito Campus can also use the ASRS Web Service by applying for it in advance. Please ask a library staff about details.

[ASRS Web Service]
  This is a service you can request a material in ASRS from laboratory.
[Intended users]
  Kyushu University members in Ito Campus
[Service hours]
  Weekdays 9:00-17:00
[Bounds of volumes]
  10 volumes a day. They are kept at the Counter until the next day you submit a request. Please bring the receipt number shown in the display when you come.

** You must make an application in advance before using this service. Please submit an application form to the Counter or send it by e-mail (

Scitech Lbirary Closed Stacks
  Back issues of journals and academic dissertations are stacked. Ask a library staff for browsing. Service hours is  9:00-17:00 weekdays

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