The Grand Opening of Science and Technology Library [2016.4.]

Ito Library has been remodeled between August 2015 and March 2016.
Thank you for your understanding and patience for a long-term construction.

We were able to reach the grand opening day on April 2, 2016.
The whole building, from basement floor to 3rd floor, has been completed as a library, and the number of seats increases from 750 to 1,000.

In this page, please see a brief overview of the grand opening of Ito Library.

1F Learning Commons 1

Reference Book Area and PC Area were changed into Learning Commons 1, which is suitable for group studying.
You can arrange tables and chairs freely. Sofa seats are also equipped. A white board over the wall is available.

2F International Lounge

This is a space for interaction between Japanese students and international students.
Please enjoy cross-cultural conversation with each other in a relaxed atmosphere.

Books recommended by international students, language-learning textbooks and extensive reading books are shelved here.

* Student Committee for Internationalization of Kyushu University (SCIKyu) helped us to make a conceptof this area.

3F Open Stacks

The whole area of 3rd floor was completely remodeled.
Mathematical books and special collections are shelved here.

3F Reading Room

More than half of the seats were moved from 2nd floor. We have made reading rooms on both  2nd floor and 3rd floor more comfortable.

3F Open Seminar Room

This room is for lecture and workshop. It is equipped with a projector and a screen. (40 seats)

3F Individual Cabin

When you want to concentrate on your study, you can use here freely without a reservation. (10 seats)

3F Relaxing Area

It is located in the southeast corner of the building.
It has a delightful outlook on a clear day. Please relieve your fatigue here.

3F Refresh Room

You can take light foods here.

3F Map Room

Large maps owned by Manuscript Library: Business and Economics Section are stored here.

3F Conference Room

This room is not only for an event of the library, but also shared by the Kyushu University members. (108 seats)


Floor Map

Shelf Guides

Mathematical books and special collections are moved to the 3rd floor.
Books on 1st floor are also relocated and mingled Japanese books and foreign books together.

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