Renovation Concept

Medical Library is under renovation and will open this fall. The following is an overview of main facilities.
The library will be partially open from August 2022, with a grand opening in October 2022. For the detailed schedule, please refer to About Renovation(Written in Japanese).
※Images may be subject to change.

Points of Renovation

  • New Active Learning Room
  • Exhibition Room moved from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor
  • Relaxing Browsing Room
  • Stacks hold approximately 400,000 books
  • Comfortable learning environment

Exterior of the library

The two-tone white and brick-colored walls are the landmark.

Facilities: 1F

Entrance Hall Browsing Room
Louvers extend impressively from the entrance. The circulation desk has the warmth of wood. In this room, you can relax, read, eat and drink. Newly furnished desks and chairs create a calm, café-like atmosphere.


Active Learning Room Exhibition Room
You can converse and learn in this room. Box seats, movable desks and chairs, elevated desks, and seminar space are available for a variety of learning styles. The unique collection will be displayed with explanations. You can also view materials related to the history of the hospital campus.


Facilities: 2F

Study and Reading Room
This room is suitable for long hours of study.
Newly furnished desks and chairs are comfortable for 24-hour use.

Other Facilities
Group Study Rooms / Individual Research Rooms / e-Learning Booths
Bookshelves (Japanese and foreign journals A-J)

Facilities: 3F

Study and Reading Room
The spacious reading room opens before exams and during other busy periods.

Other Facilities
Conference Room
This Room is for degree examinations, conferences, lectures, etc.
Bookshelves (books and foreign journals K-Z)

Photo Gallery

Before renovation
Undergoing renovation