2024-06-20 (Thu)

The Design Library was originally established as the library of Kyushu Institute of Design(founded in 1968). In October 2003, when Kyushu Institute of Design merged with Kyushu University, the library became one of the branch libraries of Kyushu University. 

In addition to a large collection of materials in the arts, natural sciences, engineering and technology, Design library also has a unique collection of humanities and social sciences materials. 

We also hold rare collections on architecture, urban design and design, including the Lloyd Morgan (1892-1970) collection, which is a large collection of architectural documents including design drawings, and related materials on landscape architecture and craft design. 

The building was renovated in 2022 under the concept of "Creative Access". At this time, the building was bridged to the adjacent Information Infrastructure Office to create a new space called the Active Learning Corridor. 

Equipped with an open Reading Hall and an Audio & Visual Lounge that can also be used as an exhibition and screening space, the Design Library has been reimagined as a facility that supports various types of learning on the Ohashi Campus. 

  (Currently under preparation for opening; grand opening at 12:00 on Thursday, 29 June 2023). 


Number of holdings of books 173,941
Seats 171

(As of June 2023)


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