Please note that specific locations have been designated by the Academic Affairs Division for online lectures.
It is imperative that you refrain from utilizing the library for this purpose.

Biblio Cookies(learning space)


This space is separated from the atrium area. 
Please use it for group discussions.
 *Only members of Kyushu U are allowed to use.

Study Room

There is a study room on the 2nd floor. Reservations are required.
Please fill out and submit an application form at the counter.

The conditions for use are as follows.
    *You must be a member of Chikushi Campus.
    *Only one person can use the room at a time.
    *One hour or less.

E-Meeting Room, AV-LL Room

*Rental of these rooms is temporarily suspended.
(Suspension period: April 2024 - to be determine)

These rooms are used for lectures and meetings. 
It’s available for use by faculty and staff only and must be reserved. 
For details, please inquire staff.

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