Alternative services during the relocation period


The following alternatives would be available during the relocation period.


■Long-term Loan

Lending period will be extended.


■The library will bear the costs for interlibrary loan

The library will bear the costs for interlibrary loan if the materials are not available because of the relocation.
1. Period : April 2018 - September 2018
2. Intended Users : students and faculty members of the Kyushu University
3. Intended Materials : Materials located in the Central Library, Humanities and Social Sciences Library and Ito Library. The materials are labels 「移転中」(Moving) in the library online catalog.
4. Conditions :
 ・The material is under the status of 「移転中」(Moving) and no libraries in the Kyushu University hold the duplicated material.
 ・Up to 10 materials per person.
5. Application : Via Circulation desk or the library website. Please enter "Not available because of moving" in the remarks column.
   *Please note that you cannot receive the special treatment without entering comments in the remarks column.

【Contact Information】
[Long-term Loan]Circulation Section / TEL:092-642-2333
[Interlibrary loan]Document Delivery Service Section / TEL:092-642-2334