Display language when accessing by DOI or handle URL


English is now the preferred language when accessing the Kyushu University Collections by DOI or handle URL.

Formerly, the language setting of the screen was fixed to Japanese when accessing by DOI or handle URL. This made it inconvenient for users who used languages other than Japanese, such as overseas users, foreign faculty members, and international students.

With this change, if the language setting of the web browser is not Japanese, the screen will automatically be displayed in English. You can still use the pull-down menu in the upper right corner of the screen to change the language (Japanese or English).

Before After
Access by DOI or handle URL Access by DOI or handle URL
Displayed in Japanese
(and manually switched to English)
  • Web browser language setting is not Japanese
    → Displayed in English
  • Web browser language setting is Japanese
    → Displayed in Japanese

DOI and handle URL prevent links to contents from being broken by providing a persistent identifier. They guarantee you access to the content even if the URL changes due to reorganization or system updates. DOI, in particular, has become popular worldwide as a persistent identifier to ensure long-term access to journal papers. When citing or referring to content, we recommend using DOI or handle URL, rather than the URL that appear in the address bar of your web browser.

See also

  • About DOI (Japanese only)
  • Crossref DOI is available in QIR
  • About handle URL
    A persistence identifier obtained through the handle system provided by CNRI, a US non-profit organization. The handle system is also known as the technical basis for the DOI.
    Kyushu University applied to CNRI and was assigned the prefix "2324" and uses the handle URL "https://hdl.handle.net/2324/XXXX" (XXXX: specific number of content).
    Since there is no need to apply for registration on a content basis, handle URL is widely applied to contents without DOI registration. On the other hand,  the content itself persists less than the DOI, and DOI is more widely used in various services. If the content on the Kyushu University Collections has its DOI, please use the DOI priorily.
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