The text of Dr. Nakamura Tetsu's works is now available "Nakamura Tetsu Digital Archive"


Dr. Nakamura Tetsu's works published by Sekifusha are now available partially from "Nakamura Tetsu Digital Archive" from March 25th, 2022.
This release is made possible thorough the courtesy of Sekifusha, which has supported Dr. Nakamura's writing activities for many years.

Currently, the table of contents, foreword, and afterword of each book are available.
In the future, chapters for which permission has been granted will be released one by one. That update information will be announced on the "The Kyushu University Dr. Nakamura Tetsu Project" Twitter feed.

One year has passed since the establishment of the "Dr. Nakamura Tetsu Memorial Archive" and the "Digital Archive".
We hope that many people will pick up and read Dr. Nakamura's writings.

List of the books

Link to the public page from each title. The text is Japanese only.

『医者、用水路を拓く ―アフガンの大地から世界の虚構に挑む』
"Isha, Yousui Ro wo Hiraku – Afghan no Daichi kara Sekai no Kyokou ni Idomu", 2007
[A doctor, builds irrigation canal: Confronting the world's fictions, a challange from the land in Afghanistan]

『丸腰のボランティア ―すべて現場から学んだ』
"Marugoshi no Volunteer – Subete Genba kara Mananda", 2006
[Volunteers without any weapons - All we learnt in the working field]

『空爆と「復興」 ―アフガン最前線報告』
"Kubaku to Fukkou – Afghan Saizensen Houkoku", 2004
[Airstrikes and ‘Reconstruction’: A Report from the Front Lines in Afghanistan]

"Henkyo de Miru Henkyo kara miru", 2003
[A Doctor’s Perspective from the Border]

『医者 井戸を掘る ―アフガン旱魃との闘い』
"Isha Ido wo Horu – Afghan Kanbatsu to no Tatakai", 2001
[A Doctor Digs Wells: the Struggle Against Droughts]

"I wa Kokkyo wo Koete", 1999
[Medicine goes Beyond Borders]

『ダラエ・ヌールへの道 ―アフガン難民とともに』
"Dara-e-Noor e no Michi – Afghan Nanmin to Tomo ni", 1993
[A Road to Dara-e-Noor: Along with Afghan refugees]

『ペシャワールにて ―癩そしてアフガン難民』増補版
"Peshawar nite – Rai, soshite Afghan Nanmin", 1992
[In Peshawar: Leprosy and Afghan Refugees]

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