Kyushu University Library makes its digitized images of public domain materials openly available (From Oct 2018)


Digitized images of Kyushu University Library holdings available in Collections (except for some exceptions) are openly available after October 2018. That is, you can reuse them freely at no charge, including any modifications and commercial uses, without any advance application to the Library.

That is, you no longer need

  • advance application (by mail)
  • waiting time for permission (usually several weeks)
  • usage fee (for commercial use)

for reuse these images. We sincerly expect that our collections are reused for various purposes not limited to education and research activities.

For details, see:


Here are examples of popular materials with many applications from users.

Moko Shurai Ekotoba [蒙古襲来絵詞(模本)]


Fuku-Haku Kozu [福岡城下町・博多・近隣古図]


Fukuoka-Hakata Chokanzu [福岡・博多鳥瞰図]


Okuniezu [御國繪圖]


National Important Cultural Property: Yamato Monogatari (Kuchinashi collection) [【国重要文化財】大和物語(支子文庫)]


Genji Monogatari Emaki (Kuchinashi Collection, Nara ehon) [源氏物語歌絵(支子文庫、奈良絵本)]


Takatori Monogatari Emaki (Kuchinashi collection, Nara ehon) [竹取物語絵巻(支子文庫、奈良絵本)]


Philipp Franz von Siebold "Nippon" 1 [シーボルト「Nipppon」1(全20巻)]


Konkomyou Saisho Oukyo (Kasuga collection) [金光明最勝王經(春日政治・和男文庫)(全10巻)]


Muryo Gikyo Seppobon 2 (Kasuga collection) [無量義経説法品第二(春日政治・和男文庫)]



For reuse of some exceptions or materials with no digitized images, you need advance application as before.

For details, see:


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