Closed days in the summer holidays


Kyushu University Library will close for the summer holidays.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Central Library

Closed days:8/14(Fri)-8/16(Sun)
Inquiry:Centrar Library Circulation section(092-642-2333)

Ito Library

Closed days:8/14(Fri)-8/16(Sun)
Inquiry:Ito Library Circulation section(092-802-2453)

Ohmei Tenku Hiroba(Q-Commons):in Number 4,second Center hall

Closed days:8/14(Fri)-9/30(Wed)
Inquiry:Circulation section(092-802-2453)

Medcical Library

Closed days:8/12(Wed)-8/16(Sun)
Inquiry:Medical Library Circulation section(092-642-6037)

Design Library

Closed days:none(Sat. and Sun. are closed)
Inquiry:Design Library (092-553-9490)

Chikushi Library

Closed days:8/13(Thu)-8/16(Sun)
Inquiry:Chikushi Library(092-583-7514)

Human and Social Society Library

Closed days:8/8(Sta)-8/16(Sun)
Shorten Open:8/17(Mon)-9/30(Wed)weekday:9:00-17:00 
                       weekend and holiday :closed
Inquiry:Human and Social Library Circulation section(092-642-3167)

Manuscript Library

Historical Record Section
Closed day:8/10(Mon)-8/14(Fri)
Historical Record Section:092-642-2433

Business and Economic Section
Closed day:8/17(Mon)-8/21(Fri)
Inquiry:Business and Economic Section:092-642-2511