Donation of Books

Book Donation

Kyushu University Library accepts donations of books that fulfill the following conditions according to “The Basic Outline for the Collection Building at the Kyushu University Library (in Japanese)”. If you are considering donations, please read this page in advance.

1. The books are to meet the Kyushu University's collection standards, and to meet “The Kyushu University Library's Acceptance Guidelines for Donated Materials (in Japanese)” established in accordance with “The Kyushu University's Book Management Regulations.”

The following books are not acceptable in principle.

  • Mainly consist of advertising or commercial messages.
    Advertising specific persons or groups
  • Difficult to find academic values in.
    Personal fiction writings like self-published novels or poems, personal histories, and stories of one’s experiences etc.
    The books for hobbies or entertainments, and how-to books
  • Passing a long time after published and with no timely value as materials
    The books losing the timely values for use due to the sequential revisions of the contents
    The books like manuals of old types of computer and software
  • Too soiled or damaged to use
    The books damaged by insect would be better to be fumigated before sending.
    Or we may ask for the expenses if we fumigate them at Kyushu University.
2. The same copy is not held in the Kyushu University Library.

Check the library holdings on the website of the Kyushu University Library.


Even if the donated books meet the requirements, we may refuse to accept them if the library does not have enough space to accommodate them.

The donated books will be entrusted to the library, from the decisions on acceptance to the handling of the books if unaccepted (including distributions to on-campus or off-campus, and disposals) as follows.

  • We do not notify whether the books are accepted or not.
  • Even if unaccepted, the books will not be sent back in principle.
  • We do not send catalogs of the donated books or thank-you letters in principle.
  • The accepted books will be shelved at one of the Kyushu University Libraries in each appropriate campus according to the subjects. As for the book locations, entrust to each library.
  • It may take due time to decide on acceptance and register the accepted books depending on other operations.

If you agree with the above, please send the items to one of the following addresses. The donators are kindly requested to cover the shipping. As well, if there are a lot of books (more than around 10 books), please contact us in advance.

Contact/Delivery Addresses

Ito Campus


744 Motooka Nishi-ku Fukuoka City 8190395 

Kyushu University Central Library Book Acquisition Section 

Phone: 092-802-2486
Hospital Campus

3-1-1 Maidashi Higashi-ku Fukuoka City
 Kyushu University Medical Library Acquisitions & Cataloging  Section

Phone: 092-642-6035
Ohashi Campus

4-9-1 Shiobaru Minami-ku Fukuoka City 8158540
 Kyushu University Design Library Cataloging Section

Phone: 092-553-4426
Chikushi Campus

6-1 Kasuga Park Kasuga City 8168560
 Kyushu University Chikushi Library Library Servise Section

Phone: 092-583-7020
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