Why can't I download a lot of e-journals in a short time?

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Fair Use of E-Journals and E-Books

Kyushu University provides E-Journals and E-Books for students and faculty members observing Agreements with publishers.

The following behaviors are not allowed by the terms of Agreements whether unintentional or not.

Access to the journals will be suspended in the event of violation. Note that the punishment will affect not only the violator but also the whole of our university.

Prohibited Activities

  • Excessive download
    • Systematic download by automated search robot or download software
    • Download articles excessively within short intervals
      • Displaying articles on the web is also considered as "downloading".
  • Use for purposes other than individual study and research
  • Modification, duplication, or distribution of downloaded materials

If the penalty is imposed on our university by the above behaviors, we will locate the user and investigate the situation.

Fair use of e-journals [PDF]


※About pre-read browser functions
 Due to pre-read browser functions, unintentional excessive download has occurred recently.
 Pre-read browser functions continually access links within pages in the background while pages are being viewed. As a resul, unintentional excessive download may occur, even if the user intends to use electronic journals ordinarily.
 By making the below changes to your browser settings, you can disable these functions.

Microsoft Edge
Open "Settings" > "Cookie and Site permissions" > "Cookies and site data"
Set "Preload pages for faster browsing and searching" to off.

Google Chrome
Open "Settings" > "Performance" > "Speed" > "Preload pages"
Set "No preloading".

Type “about:config” in the URL bar and press Enter.
If the “This might void your warranty” warning is displayed, click "I’ll be careful I promise".
On the configuration screen double-click "network.prefetch-next" and set to "false."

Safari (Mac)
Open “Preferences” from the Safari menu bar.
On the “Search” tab uncheck “Preload Top Hit in the Background”.

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