• Naganuma Collection
    Title Transcription: Naganuma Collection
    Holding: Central Library Manuscript Library
    Volumes: 791 books
    Category: Private Collection
    Contents Type: Archival Documents, Western Books
    Subject: Philosophy, Religion, History, Geography

Private collection of Prof. Naganuma Kenkai (長沼 賢海). Materials related to history of Oriental culture focusing on Japan.

The collection consists of 5 parts; general, philosophy and religion, history and geometry, language and literature and periodicals. Especially, classical books of Christian literature and history are brilliant.



  • 箭内健次「先生と長沼文庫」『恩師長沼賢海先生の思い出』1993
  • 木村忠夫「「長沼文庫」について」『図書館雑誌』4(7)、1968
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