• Masuda Collection
    Title Transcription: Masuda Collection
    Holding: Central Library
    Volumes: 493 sets 2,090 volumes
    Category: Private Collection
    Contents Type: Wahon, Chinese Books, Japanese Books
    Subject: Philosophy, Religion, Literature, Linguistics

Pribate collection of Masuda Koho (益田古峯), a teacher at Shuyukan (修猷館). The collection is mainly consists of the literary works written by Confucianists.

Accession date: March 22, 1966
Number of Volumes:
 493 sets 2090 volumes (according to the handwritten catalog)
 498 sets 2095 volumes (according to the catalog cards)
Supplier: Toyohiko Masuda(Koho's son)
Ownership mark: 「益田氏藏」etc.


  • 『益田文庫分類目録』(handwritten catalog)
ASRS or Rare Books Room