• Kori Torahiko Collection
    Title Transcription: Kori Torahiko Collection
    Holding: Central Library
    Volumes: 270 books
    Category: Private Collection
    Contents Type: Western Books
    Subject: Art, Literature, Linguistics

Personal collection on European literature by Kori Torahiko (郡虎彦) , an international playwright born in Japan. Prof. Akira Osawa, a professor belonged to Faculty of Law and Letter, was a close friend of Kori and it might be a reason of the donation of the collection.

Accession date: July 5, 1926
Number of Volumes: 270 volumes
Donator: Keijiro Tokuda (a cousin of Kori)
Collection mark: The mark "郡虎彦舊藏本" stamped on the books and catalog cards.

-Kori Torahiko(1890-1924)
Born in Tokyo. Kayano Hatakazu (萱野二十一) is his pen name. He was a youngest menber of Shirakabaha (白樺派), but he went to Europe to become a "Cosmoporitan Artist". He established a good reputation in Europe but died at an early age.

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