• Higuchi Collection
    Title Transcription: Higuchi Collection
    Holding: Central Library
    Volumes: 293 sets 1,742 volumes
    Category: Private Collection
    Contents Type: Wahon, Chinese Books
    Subject: Philosophy, Religion, Literature, Linguistics, History, Geography

Pribate collection of Higuchi Wado (樋口和堂), a Han learning (漢学) scholar lived in Sakaida, Yame. His collection ranges from chinese old texts to travel writings. Especially, the Fushimi version of the Azuma Kagami is noteworthy. The collection also contains private collection of Honjo Seisen (本荘星川, a confucianist served under the Kurume domain). Higuchi Wado's private collection is also donated to Yame Private Library founded in 1905.

Accession date: August 31, 1931
Number of Volumes:
 88 sets 513 volumes (Purchased), 200 sets 859volumes (Donated)
 1 sets 5 volumes added in 1933. / 4 sets 365 volumes added in 2009.
 Total: 293 sets 1742 volumes
Price: \525(purchased books only)
Supplier: Maruzen
Donator: Shosaku Higuchi(Son of Wado Higuchi)
Collection mark: Nothing
Ownership mark: 「樋口」「方外司馬」「鸚鵡舎藏書印」「玄黄洞主」「不動如山」「精禮」「敬孫塾印」「樋口氏圖書印」 etc.


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