• Original collection of late modern travesties
    Title Transcription: Original collection of late modern travesties
    Holding: Central Library
    Volumes: 274 volumes
    Category: Special Collection (Original)
    Contents Type: Wahon
    Subject: Literature, Linguistics

This collection consists of 274 volumes in 196 section in six fields, that is, 1) Share Bon (joke books), 2) Kokkei Bon (comic books), 3) Hanashi Bon, 4) Chubon Dokuhon, 5)Hanshibon Gokan, and 6) Kyosi (rhapsodies) covering major rate modern travesties. Most of the Share Bon are important books until Kansei Period, and among Kokkei Bon there are rare books of Chaban (farce) or Mitatee. Series of Hizakurige are also valuable. As for Chubon Dokuhon, Shinrotei's works are well collected. About 80 percent of Kyoshi Bon (rhapsodies) were collected, which are the most complete collection.


Semi-Rare Books Room (56)