Chinese Playbills Collection. Images are fully disclosed.


From the rare materials in the Hama Collection of Kyushu University, we have digitized 190 items, and made them available in the Kyushu University Collections. 
戯単(xi dan) is a playbill and a program in Chinese theater. This is the valuable material that records the actual performance and direction of a play.

The Playbills Collection of the Hama Collection includes playbills, posters and other materials from theaters and movie theater booklets from Beijing and other districts of China from around 1934 to 1939. The following is the list of the Playbills Collection that has been released.

List of the public materials (pdf format)

Example of a playbill

Source: Jixiang Theater, Playbill [August 17, 23, Minguo] Night Play (浜文庫/集 181/62)


For the convenience of researchers, the metadata of the Playbills Collection indicates roman readings, periods, and ages as follows

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