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 Research on the Aso Archive began in 1974, and the Research Center for Coal Mining Materials at Kyushu University and the Manuscript Library at Kyushu University Library have continued to organize the archive. They have accumulated a track record of research in the creation of a card catalog, publication of a partial catalog, and publication of the five volumes of "Aso Takichi Nikki (Diary of Takichi Aso)”, and so on.
 In this database, unorganized documents of the Aso Archive will be newly organized and new bibliographic records will be created. In addition, all bibliographic records created in the past catalog will be proofread, checked, and released sequentially in the database so that dispersed search tools like the catalogs below can be integrated.
  "Aso Archive" is a vast collection of documents that originate from the Aso family and the related companies. The Aso family was the village headman of the Fukuoka domain and one of the three families that led the coal industry in the Chikuho region. The archive is dating from the early modern to the modern period. The quantity is more than 1,500 large document boxes, and the number of materials reaches tens of thousands.
 In August 2020, in order to significantly accelerate the organization and research of the Aso Archive, the Kyushu University Manuscript Library established the Aso Archive Research Division using donations from Aso Co., Ltd. In parallel with the daily arrangement and cataloguing of the "Aso Archive" that have not been completed, this division has integrated the search methods that were previously dispersed for each group of internal historical materials of the "Aso Archive" by electronic data and released them as a database, and this time, 22,439 catalog data has been registered as the first public release. As soon as the catalog data is ready, we will continue to register it in the database sequentially. We hope that the use of this "Aso Archive" database will further advance historical and area studies in a wide range of modern Japan.

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    Of the Aso family documents, 12,365 items are classified as Thousand Character Classic, 9,177 are classified as kana syllabary, 227 items are classified as letters - the prefecture, and 670 items are classified as letters - outside the prefecture.

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    This database has been released based on the research results of the Aso Archive Research Division, Kyushu University Manuscript Library

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