Newly Added Contents to QIR (October, 2023)


We have registered various research outputs created by the researchers and graduate students in the University to Kyushu University Institutional Repository (QIR) and make them open through Collections.

Now, newly added contents in this month are as below:

Type # of new contents
(this month)
Total # of contents
(up to the end of this month)
Journal Article 124 6,233
Bachelor's Theses (*) 0 21
Master's Theses (*) 2 584
Dissertation (*) 0 6,549
Departmental Bulletin Paper 48 30,841
Conference Paper 5 2,089
Presentation 1 436
Presentation Poster 0 34
Book 0 228
Book(part of it) 2 510
Technical Report 0 878
Research Paper 2 1,029
Report 1 361
Article 2 3,143
Preprint 0 229
Learning Material 0 65
Data Set 0 8
Others 15 3,423
Total 202 56,661

(*)Thesis or Dissertation contains those have only abstract and do not have fulltext.

※From March 2021, the number of contents in the "Nakamura Tetsu Digital Archive" is recorded.

※Please refer to "QIR Statistics" for the changes in the number of publications by year.

Newly added Journals/Dissertations in this month are as below:

  • 『Fukuoka Acta Medica』114(2)
  • 『Journal of Law and Politics』90(1)、90(2)
  • 『The Kyushu University Museum News』40
  • 『Human science sociology and anthropology』12
  • 『Evergreen』10(3)
  • 『Annual Report of Innovation Center for Educational Resource』2022
  • 『Bulletin of the Study Group on the Diary of OKUDA Hachiji』11
  • 『Bulletin of the Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Global Society』30(1)

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