"Kyushu University Collections" is now accessible from Japan Search.


"Kyushu University Collections" is now accessible from Japan Search.

Kyushu University Collections have been connected to "Japan Search" since Oct. 25, 2021.

Japan Search is a platform that allows users to search, view, and utilize wide variety of contents in a single place by connecting to various digital archives.

connected to Japan Search

Through this collaboration, digital archive contents of Kyushu University Collections, such as "Rare Materials," "Ownership Seals," and "Coal Images," can now be searched from Japan Search. We hope to make these contents more discoverable, more accessible, and more useful to everyone.

About Japan Search

Japan Search

Japan Search links digital archives in the publications, cultural properties, and media arts fields and organizes metadata of varying of contents preserved by Japanese institutions and organizations into a searchable “national, integrated and cross-sectoral portal website”. Aside from providing searchable aggregated metadata, Japan Search provides metadata in a user-friendly format and also plays a vital role as a foundation for promoting content utilization. (From "About Japan Search")


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