Whole/Hi-Res Images are available: Tofuro Zukan (都府楼図巻), the picture scroll drawn by Minomushi Sanjin


"Tofuro Zukan" (都府楼図巻) drawn by Minomushi Sanjin (蓑虫山人)

Now the joined image of the whole picture scroll and the 5 high resolution digitized images of "Tofuro Zukan" (都府楼図巻) held by Kyushu University Library are available. These make it easier to understand a magnificent brushwork and also make it easier to read small letters. The high-res images were provided by the Kyushu Historical Museum.

Joined image (width 30,000px)

Joined image

This picture scroll is over 8m wide and was drawn while imagining a scene of the Dazaifu(local government office) in Fukuoka in ancient times by Minomushi Sanjin(1836-1900), who is known as a wandering painter at the end of the Edo period.

All images are public domain, and you can reuse freely at no charge, including any modifications and commercial uses, without any advance application to the Library.


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