"Tetsugaku Nempo" now digitized and available online


All back issues of "Tetsugaku Nempo or Annual of Philosophy", Bulletin of The Faculty of Humanities, Kyushu University, have been digitized, and they are available in Kyushu University Institutional Repository (QIR).

Access page: "Tetsugaku Nenpo or Annual of Philosophy" (『哲學年報』), 1-78+ (1940-2019)

"Tetsugaku Nempo or Annual of Philosophy" (『哲學年報』) was launched in 1940 as a journal of The Philosopical Society of Kyushu Imperial University (九州帝國大學哲學研究會). Nowadays, it is published once a year as a bulletin of The Faculty of Humanities, Kyushu University. These back issues include many academic papers that have been stored throughout its long history, primarily related to philosophy, ethics, thought, religion and art.

With this project, we have released 527 items from No. 1 (1940) to No. 59 (2000) as back issues. The list of all 646 published articles from the first issue to the latest issue is as follows:

PDF iconBibliographic catalog of "Tetsugaku Nempo or Annual of Philosophy": No. 1 (1940) - No. 78 (2019): PDF (762 KB)

Tetsugaku nempo, Title page of the first number Shien, message of the first number

For the project, we received supports from The Faculty of Humanities and the "School Work Study Program" in Kyushu University.

To authors and copyright holders:
We have requested a publishing permission on the website in advance: http://www2.lit.kyushu-u.ac.jp/research/other_entry/post_195.php If you have a paper that you do not want to publish, please send a request to cancel the publication to the following contact information.

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