QIR has just reached 30,000 contents!


We have registered various research outputs created by the researchers and graduate students in the University to Kyushu University Institutional Repository (QIR) and make them open through Collections.

Now newly added contents in August are as below. As you can see, we have over 30,000 contents in QIR. The milestone was "Estimation of Time-Varying Multi-Variate Vector Auto-Regressive Models Based on the Methods of Segmentation of Time Series and Their Applications to the Analysis of Monatary Shock Analysis" written by Tokinaga Shozo, a Professor Emeritus of Kyushu University, and Matsuno, Seigo, a Professor of National Institute of Technology, Ube College.

Type # of new contents
(Aug 2015)

Total # of contents
(up to the end of Aug 2015)

Journal Article 0 2809
Thesis or Dissertation (*) 0 2180
Departmental Bulletin Paper 14 19161
Conference Paper 0 959
Presentation 0 287
Book 17 296
Technical Report 0 497
Research Paper 28 685
Article 4 981
Preprint 0 194
Learning Material 0 40
Others 7 1955
  70 30044

(*)"Thesis or Dissertation" contains those have only abstract and do not have fulltext.

You can easily submit your research output at "Activities" on this website.
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